It’s simple with the Simplissimo!

Scott Simplissimo Chef all-in-one cook blender

We’ve got a little twist for the post usually occupying the Cakes & Bakes slot on Thursdays. It’s a review for a new product coming to market shortly (available from early November 2017) that will make life in the kitchen easier. It’s the Simplissimo Chef by Scott; an all-in-one cook blender.

Scott Simplissimo Chef all-in-one cook blender with soup ingredients | H is for Home

The lovely people at Scott sent us one to trial so we’ve been trying it out over the last few days. We started out by making a soup – well, the machine made the soup, to be honest! There’s a choice of automated programs or manual operation. We obviously couldn’t resist the automated option as an introduction to our new kitchen helper.

Scott Simplissimo Chef all-in-one cook blender with soup ingredients within | H is for Home

We decided on a cauliflower and blue cheese soup – placed vegetable stock, chopped cauliflower, potato and a clove of garlic to the jug – and selected the appropriate program for ‘smooth soup’. The Simplissimo then got on with it. It heated and stirred the soup quietly. About three quarters through the program we added the blue cheese, some seasoning and a little cream. (You can add whatever ingredients you like during the cooking process through a sealed opening ‘hatch’ in the lid).

Home-made cauliflower & blue cheese soup in the Scott Simplissimo Chef all-in-one cook blender | H is for Home

After 30 minutes the hot soup was blended – and then kept warm for 15 minutes. The perfect amount of time to rustle up some sour dough croutons and serve. We hope it looks tempting – it really was very delicious soup!

Bowl of home-made cauliflower & blue cheese soup made in the Scott Simplissimo Chef all-in-one cook blender | H is for Home

Other favourite soups that will be perfect for this auto cook/blend function include leek & potato, nettle, pea & ham and mushroom. In addition to soup, it’s also perfect for sauces. Peppercorn sauce for a nice steak perhaps – or onion gravy for hearty sausage and mash. Dips and dressings too. And in addition to all that, it can steam food – and even cook vacuum packed dishes ‘sous vide’ in a temperature controlled water bath. Amazing!

Fruit smoothie ingredients | H is for Home

After the hot dishes we thought we’d try a cold one. The blender has no problem chopping fruit and crushing ice so there’s endless smoothie options. We went for a blueberry & banana smoothie. Again delicious. Take a bow, Chef Simplissimo! The choice of flavour combinations is almost limitless – and then there’s all the potential for fabulous cocktails!

It’s very well built, solid & sturdy – and looks good on the counter top too. With all it’s potential uses there’s no need to hide it away. It even has an auto clean program, so no messing about with sharp blades. As you might have guessed, we’re very happy with our new little friend – and we’re certainly going to enjoy future dishes and further experimentation!

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