Ideal Home Photoshoot

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photography light illuminating vintage Kenneth Townsend "London Series" tiles and other items on a shelf

In our last post we mentioned this week’s photoshoot of our home.

photography equipment in a pile on the floor of our sitting room

Photographer, Simon Whitmore and stylist, Sally Denning arrived on Wednesday morning laden down with loads of equipment – cameras, lenses, lights, light reflectors, computers – all essential kit to produce glossy magazine-quality images.

photography light illuminating a shelf in our sitting room with a view through to our kitchen and laundry area

There were hours of arranging, discussing and reviewing images. Our blog photos take us quite a bit of time, but this is a different world!

Photographer, Simon Whitmore and stylist, Sally Denning in our kitchen discussing photos

The house feature is for Ideal Home Magazine and will be published sometime in the Autumn.