Monthly Mood Board: Copper Top

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selection of 10 copper homewares including lamps, clocks, tiles, paint and kitchen utensils

Warm copper tones never go completely out of fashion for interior design; but it’s fair to say it’s been a little overlooked for 30 years or so. It was very popular in the 1960s & 70s, but fell out favour a bit. But, as with most things, trends are cyclical – and copper is certainly back in a big way again – magazines are full of this wonderful shimmering metal.

  1. NUD Aqua lights – Nud Collection
  2. Ball desk light – £105.00, Heal’s
  3. House Doctor copper mesh basket 24cm – £99.00, Selfridges
  4. Vintage pendent lampshade – £25, H is for Home
  5. Accord copper bronze mosaic tiles 15x15mm – £192.93/m2, Topps Tiles
  6. Hammerite 5084822 metal paint: Hammered Copper 250ml – £7.27, Amazon
  7. Vintage Smiths alarm clock – £25, H is for Home
  8. Copper tri-ply pans – from £16.99, Lakeland
  9. Round cookie cutter – £4, John Lewis
  10. Vintage starburst clock – £75, H is for Home

Comment Promise Hop

  • I love copper it’s my favourite metal tone. Especially in Iinteriors. You have some beautiful items here. Love the lamp.

  • My husband (our cook) would love a set of copper pots – he swears they are so much better!

    My favorite item here is the mosaic tiles! Together with a set of pots, they could make a really modern, but warm (warmer than silver at least), kitchen!

    • I love copper pans. They are superior but they’re high maintenance trying to keep them shiny & bright! I wonder why copper isn’t used in kitchens more than (as you say, colder) stainless steel. Cost perhaps?