Duckydora dinner party

October 6th, 2015

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Salad and garlic bread served on Duckydora 'Sienna' tableware with 'Florence' tea towel

We’ve just received some lovely Sienna patterned tableware from duckydora.

Duckydora logo on the underside of a 'Sienna' side plate

It was put straight to use that evening as we were having pasta with some garlic bread and salad. It was absolutely perfect for serving.

Slices of garlic bread served on a Duckydora 'Sienna' plate

This range is pared back, clean and simple with a modern, rustic feel. The bowl & plates are glazed terracotta in a lovely, soft baby blue shade – hand decorated with a repeating raindrop pattern. It’s photographed here with the complementing Florence tea towel which adds pretty stylised flowers to the scene.

'Sienna' salad bowl with 'Florence' teatowel

This Sienna tableware is just one of a range of products available at the duckydora website.


Etsy List: Beautiful Wool

October 5th, 2015

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'Beautiful Wool' Etsy List curated by H is for Home

Wool Week starts today so I’m going to recount a relevant story of something that happened to me recently.

As lots of you readers will know, many of our daily dog walks take place in the hills and farms up above our home. The farmland is populated by hundreds of sheep – and each year, from around April, there are lots of cute lambs too!

A few weeks ago one of these lambs – who by September had become quite big and fat – somehow got his head stuck inside a hollow tree trunk. You could hear his plaintive bleating a mile away. We walked towards him, I got hold of him around the waist to stop him squirming and gently wriggled his head free. Fudge was the epitome of good behaviour as all this excitement was going on!

Although I see sheep almost daily, I’d never actually held on to one. His coat was so soft and warm – no wonder we make all sorts of clothing and homewares from their shorn wool!

Anyway, disaster was averted, the lamb was freed; he skipped off towards his mother without even a nod of thanks… the ungrateful little thing! 😉

Beautiful Wool
Curated by H is for Home

Child’s chair

October 4th, 2015

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19th century child's chair before restoration

We included this child’s chair in our recent Forthcoming Attractions post – and mentioned that we thought it would look great after a bit of TLC.

19th century child's chair in front of a wood burning stove

Well, here it is – a beautiful little child’s low-back Windsor chair dating from about 1820 with curved top rail, turned legs and spindles. It’s been dusted, the spots of white paint removed and gently waxed. It does look great!

close up of spindles on an antique child's Windsor chair

 We’re careful not to over restore furniture. Traces of original paint are retained – we love how it flakes & crackles with age…

19th century child's chair

…and also wears thin where bums and arms have rubbed it over the years to reveal the wood grain.

Pair of 19th century chairs

And here it is next to its big brother – you can really appreciate its diminutive size.