Bevy of beauties!

July 1st, 2015

'Bevy of beauties!' blog post banner

6 vintage prints of beautiful girls

Justin brought home not one, not two, but six girls last week!

vintage print of a dark-haired beauty

They truly are a bevy of beauties…

vintage print of a blonde, pony-tailed beauty

…blondes, brunettes and a rather gorgeous redhead.

vintage print of a auburn beauty

They date from the 1950s – very early Mad Men – Betty Draper and Joan Holloway spring to mind.

detail from a vintage print showing the artist's signature

We can’t make out the artist’s signature – any ideas out there?

detail from a vintage print of a auburn beauty

Oh, she’s here again – close up this time. You can stop photographing her now, Justin!

6 vintage prints of beautiful girls

They’ll look good hanging on the wall in our antiques centre space so that’s where they’re heading first, but we’re happy to post if your interested in buying them.

More from Millett and More

July 1st, 2015

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Collection of Millet and More storage tins

Do you remember a while back we did a blog post featuring the fabulous food storage tins from millett and more? Well, Jill has kindly donated some of them as prizes to our readers.

Blue Millett and More cereal tin with a bowl of cereal

We’re really pleased to be able to offer these as a giveaway. We use our collection of tins on a daily basis – many times actually! We often start with cereal in the morning and use the spice and salt tins whenever we cook. They’re lovely designs and bring a touch of beauty to the everyday!

Millet and More spice and salt tins with food on a butcher's block

Our main winner will win a collection of four of the larger tins; comprising a white cereal tin, a blue cereal tin, a spice tin with blue letters and a spice tin with red/yellow letters. That’s not all! Two runners up will each win a pair of the small sliding salt tins (one of each design).

Millett and More salt storage tins

For your chance to win just tell us in the comments section, what is your favourite spice… or cereal?

Millett and More food storage tins

Fudge has been collared!

June 30th, 2015

'Fudge has been collared!' blog post banner

orange dog collar and lead

We received a surprise cheque in the post last week. Not a lottery style win or anything, but a couple of hundred pounds that we weren’t expecting. So, only one thing for it – ‘save half, spend half!’. Adelle got a pair of new shoes, Justin needs some new jeans – and Fudge got a lovely new collar & lead set.

tissue-wrapped collar and lead with complimentary dog treatThey were ordered from Suzy Q based in Hove. Not on the High Street give 5% of the sale price to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Lovely attention to detail in the packaging – nice tissue paper wrapping, pretty labels and a dog treat!

personalised, engraved collar

The collars are very well made – and customised too which is included in the price.

Fudge sporting his new, orange matching collar and lead

We went for the vibrant orange – he might be ten years old, but Fudge still likes to turn heads. You can almost hear him saying, “Don’t I look handsome… not bad for an old man”. The George Clooney of the canine world!