Get the George Nelson style

February 10th, 2016

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George Nelson style ball wall clock from Vita Interiors

Original vintage George Nelson clocks are beautiful, but quite hard to come by and very expensive! But you can get a similar look with one of these George Nelson style wall clocks from Vita interiors.

Vignette containing George Nelson style ball wall clock, vintage brass horse, antique wooden candleholder and pile of Penguin paperbacks | H is for Home

We’ve just received this great looking starburst clock from them and are happy to sing its praises. We go for quite an eclectic look in our house, mixing objects from various different eras. This mid century modern style clock sits comfortably with antiques, vintage and contemporary pieces equally well – and is therefore very good at linking these various eras to give a balanced feel to a room.

Detail of George Nelson style ball wall clock from Vita Interiors

There’s a lot of space incorporated into the clock’s form which gives it a light and airy feel – and it casts lovely shadows too. The mix of materials works really well and we like the detailing in terms of walnut finials and hand shape.

Detail of George Nelson style ball wall clock from Vita Interiors

It would sit comfortably in almost any room of the house. It has a nice, quiet tick so the bedroom’s definitely an option. It would look fab on the wall of a lounge, office or kitchen too. We’ve already identified plenty of potential sites for it to live in our house!


Get their look: vintage industrial work room

February 8th, 2016

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vintage industrial work roomcredit

We’ve chosen this wonderful vintage industrial work room for this week’s Get their look post. It’s full of interest yet uncluttered and very practical. There are designated areas for storage and working. Lots of natural wood and metal tones and a floor to ceiling blackboard to quickly jot down lists, notes, messages and thoughts. Superfluous decoration is kept to a minimum, but the bold counter-front lettering and geometric rug really lift the space.

Take a look below at some of the things that will help you recreate the look.

Get their look: Vintage industrial work room | H is for Home

  1. Out There Interiors metal wire storage rack: £95, Notonthehighstreet
  2. Printers block letters: from £4.95, Notonthehighstreet
  3. Blackboard paint: £5.95 (500ml), Wilko
  4. Remington Travel Riter typewriter: £133.60, Etsy
  5. Jielde 2-arm Signal table lamp, white: 231,00€, Made in Design
  6. Vintage industrial lab stool: £40, Etsy
  7. Indoor/outdoor area rug: £162.00, Wayfair
  8. Wire desk tray: £35, H is for Home

Cruising Again

February 7th, 2016

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Vintage Royal Viking Star cruise menus from 1975

We’ve got some more vintage cruise menus to share with you – our friend Emma, who used to run the wonderful Wooden Donkey empire, sent us a package containing various vintage Royal Viking Star cruise menus out of the blue this week. What an unexpected treat that was!

Vintage Royal Viking cruise luncheon menu detail

With the new additions, we were able make up a lovely set of ten menus from this particular cruise. They date from the mid 1970s and were given to passengers en route to Acapulco. Aren’t they fabulous? The artwork is stunning. They really capture the Mexican vibe – and the style is so characteristic of the time. One of those occasions when the phrase “good enough to frame” is very apt.

Vintage Royal Viking Star menu cover from 1975

We’d love a huge wall display of vintage menus. We’ve got the menus – we must be up to about a hundred now… we just need the huge empty wall – oh, and the framing might bankrupt us! They’re such a great thing to collect for us. We’re obviously attracted to the cover artwork in the first instance, but being former chefs, the food on offer inside is also very interesting.

Vintage Royal Viking Star dinner menu

Whether it’s dishes or menu phrases that seem to have been lost in time, dishes or ingredients we’ve never heard of – or mentally choosing what we’d fancy to eat on that given day!

'Chef's Suggestion' on a vintage Royal Viking Star dinner menu

We’ve got a few duplicates of this set and quite a few others too, so we think we might start putting some into the What’s Cooking? department of the H is for Home shop. They’d make the perfect decoration for kitchen walls or shelves.

Vintage Royal Viking Star cruise menus from 1975

If you fancy starting your own vintage menu collection, get in touch and we’ll let you know what’s available. Bon Voyage!