Price Points: Bucket barbecues

Bucket barbecues | H is for Home

What glorious weather we’ve been having – day after day of brilliant sunshine! It’s a bank holiday weekend, there’s only one thing for it BARBECUE!

If, like us, you only have a small garden or patio, bucket barbecues are a much more practical option than one of those super-duper barbecue grills. Much as we’d love one kitted out with quadruple gas burners, rotisserie, warming cupboard and instant ignition – we’d have no room for table and chairs… or us!

The Hema bucket barbecue (#1) is so affordable, we could buy two and have one each. One for Justin’s steak / burger / rack of ribs and the other for my vegetable skewers and veggie sausages. I’m not best keen on them being cooked side-by-side.

My favourite is the Fortnum & Mason eau de nil number. It’s not dissimilar to the budget Hema example and is almost 3 times the price. By way of justification, I really like the detailing of this one and the fact that you can lift the grill off by the handle – vital when my kebabs need rescuing quickly from certain cremation! Oh, and call me shallow… but I do love the classic F&M logo too.

What’s your favourite barbecue food?

  1. Bucket barbecue: £15, Hema
  2. Gentleman’s Hardware barbecue bucket – black: £26.91, Amazon
  3. BBQ bucket in Eau de Nil: £40, Fortnum & Mason
  • Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    We l;ove T-Bone steak

  • Chris Newson

    Perfect for my roof terrace

  • Rebecca Nisbet

    you cant beat a hotdog with fried onions!

  • Jane Willis

    Lamb kebabs with onions and green peppers

  • Maya Russell

    I love BBQ’d sausages.

  • Beverley


  • Bernie Egerton

    Chicken piri piri,. Used to live in Portugal and a friend gave me the recipe for the piri marinade, can’t beat it.

  • Susan Smith

    I am quite boring really i enjoy a traditional Pork sausage

  • Lauren Charlotte

    Veggie sausages 😉

  • glennamy

    Steak or sticky ribs

  • Vicki Strydom

    I’m a vegetarian so I usually have meat free chicken schnitzel

  • Helen Stratton

    Halloumi kebabs are delicious.


    Good old British Bangers

  • Jenny Harlow

    Pulled pork burger

  • maria hackett

    I love grilled jumbo prawns skewers

  • emma j lowe

    chicken and apricot kebabs

  • madmike2

    I love a nice steak.

  • Lee B

    Chicken Kebab for me.

  • Sally Carter

    Burgers & Sausages.

  • Gwen B

    Chicken Drum Sticks.

  • Adam Brundell

    Steaks is my favourite

  • Carl

    A nice juicy Steak.

  • Gem Cook

    Sausages and Burgers

  • PamGregory

    Chicken Drumsticks

  • Annabel Greaves

    I love barbecue sausages

  • 1749302288

    halloumi cheese

  • Chris Fletcher

    I love a classic british sausage!

  • Janice Dunn

    Chicken kebabs with peppers and onions

  • Ali Johnson

    I’m a vegetraian so I love a nice colourful veggie skewer.

  • Nancy Townsend

    My favourites are halloumi or veggie sausages.

  • David Waterworth

    I love bananas straight off the bbq


    We love sausages with crispy fried onions

  • Kat Allinson

    Bratwurst & Burgers