Price Points: Cake decorating combs

Cake decorating combs | H is for Home

While browsing cake recipes on Pinterest this week, I realised what the one thing would be to make my home-made cakes look much more professional. Cake decorating combs may be pretty cheap, basic tools but they can make a huge difference to the look of the end product.

For a little over a pound, you can give your iced/butter cream cake a smooth, attractive finish. Each of the combs featured has at least three different types of ‘teeth’ – giving you a choice in the width/depth of the lines/swirls you make on the top and sides of your sweet creations.

  1. Polypropylene decorating comb: £1.18, Nisbets
  2. Ateco aluminium cake decorating comb: £3.78, Amazon
  3. Wilton 3pc icing comb set: £14.99, eBay