Price Points: Corkscrews

Selection of corkscrews | H is for Home

Our corkscrew was misplaced last week – what a disaster! It was only at dinnertime, after all the shops had shut, that our predicament came to light. Our Friday night wine seemed a distant dream! Luckily, Justin has a corkscrew as one of the tools on his keychain Swiss Army knife.

Disaster averted… but have you ever tried opening a bottle of wine with a half inch long corkscrew? If we can’t find it soon, we’ll have to invest in a new one.

Here are three corkscrews which span a huge range in price – which of them would you choose?

  1. Beaumont Waiter’s Friend corkscrew curved: £4.99, Nisbets
  2. Copper corkscrew: £10, Joy
  3. Le Creuset lever model corkscrew LM-150: £79.95, Divertimenti