Price Points: Hanging Baskets

Three hanging baskets | H is for Home

We’re back out pottering in the garden and have had some lovely sunny days recently. Our patch isn’t the largest, so we’ve been making the most of the vertical. All the wall and fence spaces have numerous planters attached. We’re in the market for some more hanging baskets, we only have one outside the front door at the moment. So many of the ones we’ve come across are just plain old boring though.

We finally found these three that we like and would gladly give garden room. The one we’d like the most though is the mid-priced, white IKEA example. It can be used both indoors and out and you can by two or more and hang one above/beneath the other – a great space-saver for a truly vertical garden!

  1. Wilko Hanging Basket Silver 30cm: £4, Wilko
  2. BITTERGURKA hanging planter, white: £8, IKEA
  3. Scheurich hanging pot, bright green: £11.99, Amazon