Price Points: King-size bolsters

Three king-size bolsters | H is for Home

I think I may have mentioned in the past that we both do a lot from bed. We write blogs, send emails, eat breakfast, watch television. So we spend much more than the average ⅓ of our lives in bed… that’s a lot of time!

Both the beds we use (we have one in our ‘den’ where we spend most evenings) are king size and both have an annoying habit. They each have a space between the mattress and the headboard through which, when we’re sitting up in bed, the pillows slide down. It’s a constant fight trying to tug the pillow back up through the gap.

I don’t know why we haven’t bought a couple of king-size bolsters – problem solved. They’d be much more comfortable and supportive than pillows when in an upright position anyway! I thought it would be a doddle finding them online. But no, most of the places you’d expect to find them – M&S, BHS, Debenhams, House of Fraser… none of them seem to sell them. I did however, manage to find three places that do have them in stock.

They’re all the same size, but it’s strange that the only one claiming to be orthopaedic is the cheapest – by at least 100%. Are the other two more expensive because you’re paying for ‘luxury’ or a brand name?

  1. RohiLinen orthopaedic king-size bolster: £7.97, Amazon
  2. Luxury 5 ft. bolster Bounce Back hollow fibre filled pillow – king: £16.99, Auravita
  3. Dorma Full Forever bolster pillow, £19.99, Dunelm