Price Points: Yoga mats

Selection of yoga mats | H is for Home

Justin has a herniated disc in his spine. The problem started after he moved about 50 large boxes of stock up 2 flights of stairs – culminating in him crawling into the house on hands & knees in tears after shifting something from the car the day after. his back’s never been the same since. So now, after a physically active day, sitting in a bad position or not bending his knees properly when lifting, he really struggles. To date, it’s been a case of rest combined with Ibuprofen gel & other tablets to improve matters. A recent development which he’s finding really useful is yoga exercises aimed at this kind of injury.

We have wooden flooring throughout our house, so a proper yoga mat instead of the seagrass rug must be in order for the poor lad. We might even have to be put down as H is for Home expenses seeing as he did it in the line of duty! Here are 3 yoga mats being considered at various price points.

  1. Yoga exercise fitness workout non-slip mat with carry case: £4.99, Amazon **4.5 stars – 127 reviews**
  2. Pro Fitness blue yoga exercise mat: £10.99 **4.4/5 – 42 reviews**
  3. Premium Marakesh yoga matt from Gaiam: £19.99, John Lewis **4.4/5 – 41 reviews**