Blomus tea set

Limited edition stainless steel 'Asia' Blomus tea set | H is for Home

This stainless steel tea set caught our eye at a local flea market last week. What a fabulous modernist shape!

Stainless steel Blomus tea pot with large West German vase | H is for Home

The lady selling it thought it dated from the 1960’s. We could go along with that assumption in terms of design – you could just see it in the departure lounge of 2001: A Space Oddysey!

Stainless stell Blomus tea pot showing integral stainless steel strainer | H is for Home

However, this date was far from certain and would require some checking. It was clearly marked to the base, so detective work was quite straightforward.

Blomus Germany base mark | H is for Home

As it turned out, it dates from the noughties – and is the limited edition ‘Asia’ tea set produced by Blomus of Germany.

Stainless steel Blomus tea set with stainless steel candle holder and vintage Danish Fortnight Neiman Marcus poster | H is for Home

The design and quality is superb – and we love little details like the integral strainer. The set comprises teapot, lidded milk and sugar bowls – and under tray. Form meets function perfectly.

Detail of the milk jug from a stainless steel 'Asia' Blomus tea set

It’s quite quickly become sought after and collectable. It’s just gone into a mid century modern corner of a new retail space that we’ve just acquired… more details to follow on that! It’s priced at £125 the set.