Forthcoming Attractions: Late January 2017

Vintage Rolf Froyland Vikings plaque | H is for Home

We mentioned in yesterday’s post that, due to unforeseen circumstances, we’d not listed as many items as usual on our H is for Home website recently. It takes much more time to put things online than straight into our bricks & mortar shop space – and time has been in short supply of late.

However, the fightback has started! Here’s a selection of vintage goodies that we’ve photographed and listed today.

Vintage child's tin globe | H is for Home Red vintage Rhythm pedestal alarm clock | H is for Home
Vintage teak shelves | H is for Home Vintage Veb Haldensleben Eest German vase | H is for Home

We really do like to spread pieces between physical and internet worlds – and with a bit more time available now hopefully, there should be much more to follow in the coming days and weeks!

Etsy List: Clockwatching

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'Clockwatching' Etsy List' curated by H is for Home

Clocks and watches are almost things of the past thanks to everyone having a mobile phone with time, date, alarm and even timer functions.

Week days during my early school life began with me slamming down on the knob of a purple Westclox ‘Big Ben’ pedestal clock. Years later, this gave way to a boxy Sony Digimatic clock alarm radio. Today, we still have a Sony clock alarm radio – this time, a Dream Machine – shaped like a cube with LED numbers and snooze button. A ticking clock, like a dripping tap, would keep me awake all night!

We have a fantastic vintage Seth Thomas starburst clock in our lounge and another Metamec version on the top floor – both beautiful mid century modern icons!

Curated by H is for Home

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N is for… Numbers

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Colourful numbers illustration

Not too many words this week – well… it is all about numbers! Plenty of images though – showing numbers being used as decoration, their representation in print and some objects in which numbers are an integral part.

This charming children’s book is a collection of number rhymes & finger games.

nursery rhyme from vintage children's book nursery rhyme from vintage children's book

How many of these do you remember?

nursery rhyme from vintage children's book nursery rhyme from vintage children's book

This mouse one’s a teensy bit sad – it ends with no little mice left!

nursery rhyme from vintage children's book nursery rhyme from vintage children's book

nursery rhyme from vintage children's book nursery rhyme from vintage children's book

All illustrations by Denis Wrigley taken from One Two Three Four first published in 1970.

We picked up these wooden printing blocks some years ago, and have a large tray of them mounted on a wall. They have a really sculptural quality and we love the way light & shadow fall across its surface.

vintage printer's blocks in tray vintage printer's blocks in tray

We found this lovely pack of old playing cards in a mixed box auction lot the other day.

When you think of items that require numbers to function, clocks would be top of most people’s list. Here are some nice examples that H is for Home currently has in stock or has sold recently.

We love these early pocket calculators with their red or green displays. They seemed so space age at the time!

vintage pocket calculator

Not forgetting telephones – push button and dial versions.

close up detail of cream vintage push button phone close up detail of green vintage trimphone

And then there are numbers used as pure decoration. The main photo at the top is a 1960s fabric design. And there’s this Carlton Ware money box, again from the 60s. We love the ‘groovy’ treatment that numbers got during this decade.

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog – we don’t think it’s going to be too hard for you to guess what ‘O’ will be for next week!