Designer Desire: Silas Seandel

Mosaic of Silas Seandel artworks and furniture | H is for Home

Silas Seandel (b. 1932) is an American sculptor and furniture designer who works mainly in metals such as steel, bronze, brass and copper. He has a huge catalogue of work in the Brutalist style, I imagine they’d look equally stunning in a mid-century modern home, vintage industrial loft apartment or minimalist hotel lobby.

In searching for an image of Seandel on the web, I came across the one below on the CNN website. In 2012, the designer’s Manhattan studio was an unfortunate casualty of Hurricane Sandy. If you look closely at the wall to the right of the open doors, you can see the tide line of where the water level reached. According to Seandel:

The surge came in and broke through the door, and knocked me down… it threw me and thousands of pounds of steel, and bronze, and sheets, all the way to the back door.

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Designer Desire: Robert Sonneman

Mosaic of Robert Sonneman lighting designs | H is for Home

Robert Sonneman (b. 1942) is a New York City-based lighting designer. He began his career at the tender age of 19 as the sole-employee at George Kovacs, a shop located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

His designs are influenced by Modernism, most notably the Bauhaus movement. As the man himself says:

I’ve always been fascinated with movement, weight, and balance. I saw the lamps that I built as lighting machines that glorified the industrial aesthetic. As modern design and architecture morphed into other genres of contemporary style, I also explored new creative paths.

In 1967, he founded his own company under the Sonneman brand which became SONNEMAN – A Way of Light in 2003.

He’s very prolific (1,600 designs and counting!), with his contemporary designs available extensively; from his own store and other upmarket retails outlets such as YLighting. His vintage designs are readily available on 1st Dibs and sometimes come up for sale on Etsy and eBay.

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