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Creative Collections: Dowsers

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

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collection of antique dowsers

This creative collection post is one for the real antique lovers!

detail of a collection of antique dowsers

These conical shaped candle extinguishers are often misnamed snuffers, but they’re more accurately called candle dowsers. Snuffers have a scissor action and are designed to remove burnt wick (or snuff).

underside of an antique dowser

We got the majority of them in one bulk purchase. It was a rather impulsive buy, but we fell in love with them when viewing an auction at Wilkinson’s, a really wonderful saleroom in Doncaster. It’s usually the country furniture and period oak that we make the trip to see, so twenty antique candle dowsers wasn’t really on our list!

ribbed antique dowser

But they made such a lovely display with the variation in style, size & material. There are some exquisite pieces here, dating back hundreds of years – brass, pewter, bronze and silver examples. We love the craftsmanship – and the real connection with history.

Mr Punch antique dowser

Having bought something unusual like this we enjoy the research into styles and dating, but we haven’t found any books or websites dedicated to the subject as yet. We’ll keep looking for reference material – and in the meantime just enjoy looking at them each time we pass!

Pick of the Pads: Past Perfect

Sunday, July 6th, 2014

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White house exterior in Country Living magazine June 2014

It didn’t take much thought for our choice for Pick of the Pads this month.

Country Living June 2014 magazine cover

We’re already quite familiar with this gorgeous Welsh cottage, Bryn Eglur, owned & renovated by Dorian Bowen – and when it appeared in this month’s Country Living Magazine we just had to share it with you.

'Past Perfect' article title page from Country Living magazine June 2014

For Justin in particular, it’s a real favourite house from years of scouring interiors magazines.

'Antique dresser in Country Living magazine June 2014

The word character was probably invented for it!

'Wooden box bed  in Country Living magazine June 2014

It’s cosy & comfortable with perfect retreats to eat, sleep or read.

'Antique settle in Country Living magazine June 2014

It’s packed full of gorgeous country antiques too. An oak dresser filled with pottery & pewter, spindle back chairs, settles and spoon racks.

'Cast iron range in Country Living magazine June 2014

Spaces are softened with textiles & fresh flowers.

'Rustic stairs in Country Living magazine June 2014

Perfect, photogenic corners everywhere you look!

'Grandfather clock in Country Living magazine June 2014

It’s full of traditional charm, but there’s also no sense of it being in a museum with modern facilities such as this gorgeous kitchen.

'Whitewashed kitchen in Country Living magazine June 2014

And the best thing is… if you love it as much as we do, you can stay there!! Yes, it’s a holiday let! And for those fellow dog owners out there – your treasured pooches are welcome too.

'Whitewashed bathroom in Country Living magazine June 2014

It’s one of those cottages that offers a good location to explore the area, but also provides a gorgeous home to relish every hour you spend relaxing indoors. Perfect indeed!


Forthcoming Attractions: Late January 2014

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

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selection of vintage homewares in the H is for Home space at Picture House Antiques

In addition to our web shop, we also sell items from the antiques centre in Todmorden.

selection of vintage homewares in the H is for Home space at Picture House Antiques

We tend to keep the web shop items separate from the antiques centre items to avoid confusion when things are sold.

selection of vintage homewares in the H is for Home space at Picture House Antiques

This does of course mean that lots of lovely pieces don’t even see our website, so we thought we’d share a few photos of how our bricks & mortar space is looking at the moment.

selection of vintage homewares in the H is for Home space at Picture House Antiques

We like to fill our pitch with a good mix of items; they mainly fall under three broad categories – namely country vintage, vintage retro and vintage industrial.

selection of vintage homewares in the H is for Home space at Picture House Antiques

Our country vintage includes two kitchenettes at the moment – and this fabulous 19th century butchers table/block. Also various baskets, stools, storage racks, pans, tins & jars.

selection of vintage homewares in the H is for Home space at Picture House Antiques

The term ‘vintage retro’ is now well-adopted even though, strictly speaking, ‘retro’ means recently produced items that have the flavour or style of past eras. We do tend to concentrate on genuine vintage. At the moment, these include small pieces of teak, beech & chrome furniture, fabric, bits of fashion like handbags, hats & ties, mid century pottery & glass, tableware, artwork including posters – and loads of great lamps!

selection of vintage industrial homewares in the H is for Home space at Picture House Antiques

The vintage industrial department (well corner!) includes filing cabinets, crates, boxes, drawers & wire racks. Some of those many lamps also probably sit comfortably in this section.

selection of vintage industrial homewares in the H is for Home space at Picture House Antiques

So if you’re ever near Todmorden pop in for a browse!

selection of vintage homewares in the H is for Home space at Picture House Antiques

Items come & go of course, but these pictures were all taken on Monday 20th January.

selection of vintage homewares in the H is for Home space at Picture House Antiques

If there’s anything you spy in the photos that’s practical to post were always happy to oblige.

Antique stools

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

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selection of antique stools

We’ve got a selection of antique stools for this week’s little pop-up shop. They’re full of character and have endless uses – a step for reaching the difficult shelf in the kitchen, a handy surface for a mug of coffee in the lounge, a simple bedside table. A vintage, rustic touch for any room.

Friday Folks – Kiera Buckley-Jones

Friday, February 10th, 2012

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three vintage Welsh wool blankets hanging from the wooden handrail of a humpback bridge

If we hadn’t started H is for Home, I (Adelle) would have loved to be an interiors stylist on a glossy homes magazine. This week’s Friday Folks interviewee, Kiera Buckley-Jones, is actually living (and working) that dream! We’ve known Kiera since the really early days of H is for Home and she regularly features our wares in her photo shoots. We were glad of this opportunity to find out a bit more about her working life.

green dotted horizontal line

Who are you & what do you do?
I’m Kiera Buckley-Jones and I’m the in-house stylist at Homes & Antiques magazine. This involves organising photo shoots, producing shopping pages and coming up with ideas of how to show antique and vintage collectables at their best.

portrait of Kiera Buckley-Jones

How did you get into the business?
I started by doing work experience at various homes magazines in London, which was a great opportunity to get some hands-on shoot experience. Through these placements I met a number of stylists who I then assisted over the years, learning on the job. When the opportunity came up at Homes & Antiques, it really was a dream position as I’ve always loved going to jumble sales, collecting and history; and now I get to combine all these interests in each feature/project I work on.

Homes and Antiques magazine logo

Who or what inspires you?

Old magazines and films are great reference tools. I’m also inspired by collectors (and I meet a lot of these), people who are passionate, knowledgeable and have dedicated their lives to their subject.

Selection of Mdina glass from a page in the March 2012 Homes and Antiques magazine
selection of Mdina Glass from the current (March 2012) issue of the Homes & Antiques magazine

What has been your greatest success?
It was tremendous fun working on the Hemingways’ Museum of 51 last summer at the Southbank. I was given the task of creating a Homes & Antiques 1950s living room to reflect the design of the period. I begun my research by looking at old footage of the Festival of Britain site at the Southbank and reading home improvement magazines of the early fifties. The room needed to reflect the optimism of the period, the colour and the sense of the ‘new’.

room set styled by Kiera Buckley-Jones from the at the "Museum of 51" exhibition curated by the Hemingways at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, London

Have you got any advice for someone wanting to break into the business?
Get as much experience as you can, as you never know when it will come in handy. Not only will this help you develop your skills, you’ll also meet lots of contacts along the way.

three antique Welsh country chairs under a vintage wall map

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