How to create a stylish bachelor pad

How to create a stylish bachelor pad

Do you want to create a sleek and stylish home to complement your lifestyle? We’re going to show you how to put your money to good use by offering interior design tips that can transform your home. Read on for advice on how to create a stylish bachelor pad.

Bedroom with emerald green wall

Pick the perfect colour scheme

Bachelor pads are commonly full of dramatic blacks, sophisticated navy, or a cool grey hue. Yet, you don’t have to follow the typical colour palettes to create a stylish interior design. For example, you can stick with the common bachelor pad colours whilst incorporating brighter shades, such as emerald green or crimson red.

Man reclining on a sofa reading a magazine

The sofa

The sofa is undoubtedly where you’ll spend most of your time within the home. You must therefore ensure that it’s not only stylish, but comfortable, too. We therefore encourage you to think carefully about how you’ll use your sofa. What you do in your downtime should determine the sofa style you choose. For instance, individual armchairs are great for gamers, whilst a corner sofa is perfect for bachelors who love to put their feet up when watching a film or Netflix.

Open plan sitting room with L-shaped sofa

A sleek TV and stand

Impress your friends with a sleek flat-screen TV that will provide the ultimate viewing experience to watch a big game. You can also take your home’s style to the next level by choosing stylish, modern TV stands, which should complement your sofa, flanking furniture and colour scheme.

Man's bedroom with clothes rack and tall plant

A contemporary bedroom

The bedroom is more than an area to rest your sleepy head. It’s one of the most personal spaces within the home, as it will house your most precious belongings, such as keepsakes, clothing and photos. You must therefore invest both time and money into creating a comfortable, modern space that will welcome you home, whilst also impressing your guests.

Of course, the bed is the biggest focal point within the bedroom, which is why you must select the right style for your interior and comfort. Don’t underestimate the importance of bedding, either. Never settle for cheap bed linens that can impact your style and sleep. Instead, opt for luxury bedding that will accentuate your contemporary bed and décor.

Apartment with artwork on shelves and on the wall

Hang artwork on your walls

Express your personality across your home through beautiful works of art. The artwork will add a splash of refinement to your bachelor pad, as it will show off your cultural side. If you’re on a tight budget, incorporate famous prints into a beautiful frame, or develop an appreciation by browsing beautiful works of art from local painters.

Model vehicle toy collection

Incorporate memorabilia across the home

Are you a movie buff? Love music? Class yourself as a big sports fan? Prove how much you love a film, band, or team by incorporating cool memorabilia across your home. For instance, you can frame movie posters, vintage sports shirts and album covers to hang onto your wall, or can display figurines or props in a group.


Get their look: Serene Viennese apartment

Serene Viennese apartmentcredit

This wonderfully serene Viennese apartment is the home of Svenja, a 20-something interiors & lifestyle blogger. She blogs at traumzuhause which translates from German as ‘dream home’.

The brilliant white painted walls, ceiling, door, window frames and up-lighter give a feeling of space and calm. The window is huge and is fitted with an inconspicuous, white roller blind which allows for maximum sunlight to shine through.

The lofty ceiling means that the long statement pendant light fitting has the necessary room to be admired to the max. The beautiful herringbone wooden floor is softened with light-coloured rugs and the grey,  L-shaped sofa allows for two people to recline in comfort.

We highly recommend you visit her blog where you’ll find lots more inspiring photos of her home.

  1. Ay illuminate ceiling light, hand-woven cotton
  2. Muuto Restore storage basket
  3. Light up message board
  4. Nexus floor lamp, white finish by Nordlux
  5. Duke large side table Ø 90cm
  6. Stelton grey Emma vacuum tea jug
  7. Acapulco lounge chair
  8. Grey sheepskin rug
  9. Coconuts milky white 121 scented candle by Broste Copenhagen
  10. Grey Columbia corner sofa

Get their look: Serene Viennese apartment | H is for Home

Get their Look: Eclectic high-rise city apartment

Eclectic high-rise city apartment

Just look at that gorgeous view across London from this eclectic high-rise city apartment!

Even though you’d spend most of your time looking out of that window that spans almost the entire width of the room, there’s plenty to enjoy within the interior too.

It’s decorated with a seamless mix of vintage and new. The beautiful shiny wood of the floor is mirrored in the pair of sideboards and musical instruments. Despite the room being fairly narrow, the retro patterned op-art wallpaper on both walls works counter-intuitively, making it appear spacious.

I could well imagine myself sitting on that sofa, whiling away the day watching London life go by below.

  1. Hicks Hexagon wallpaper
  2. Globe ceiling lamp – clear
  3. Benedict Blue lampshade
  4. Boll clear round glass vase
  5. Spoke Edgings armchair
  6. Origami side table – glass/antique brass
  7. Pineapple sideboard

Get their Look: Eclectic high-rise city apartment | H is for Home

Monthly Mood Board: Studio Living

'Monthly Mood Board' blog post banner

'Studio Living' monthly mood board

Property prices in the UK, especially in London and the South, are absolutely bonkers. If they want to own their own home, many buyers may not be able to afford much more than a small flat or bedsit. Studio living is many people’s reality.

If a home is compact & bijou – there’s a lot that can be done to maximise a living space. Items such as room dividers and rugs help to zone & delineate the different living and working areas.

Use space-saving and metamorphic furniture & fittings. Compact, folding, collapsible, stacking versions of usually bulky items such as chairs, tables and beds can free up a lot of space when not in use.

Multi-purpose items of furniture prove useful additions to studio living. Daybeds, sofa beds and shelving units that double up as room dividers cut down on the number of necessary furnishings and stop a space feeling over-crowded or cluttered.

Unfortunately, smaller doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper – mini versions of fixtures and appliances aren’t always less expensive than their full-size versions.

  1. Kingston compact leak proof pre-assembled shower cubicle: £756, Forthill Home
  2. Bathroom vanity combination unit: £374.95, eBay
  3. Alessi Piana folding chair: £134, Heal’s
  4. Regal 1550mm roll top slipper bath with tap deck: £299.99, World of Baths
  5. Caboto room divider: £70.90, Wayfair
  6. IKEA PS 2014 bureau, orange, birch veneer: £145
  7. Eyeline Platinum mini kitchen with hobs: from £2,010.00 (ex. VAT), Tiny Kitchens
  8. IKEA PS 2012 day-bed: £450
  9. Spacedust bright rug: from £34, Modern Rugs
  10. Leon Pfeifer for John Lewis Croyde 6 seater drop leaf folding dining table: £299

Pick of the Pads: Beetham Tower

'Pick of the Pads' blog post banner

Elle Decoration Magazine cover: September 2013

Welcome to our new blog series entitled ‘Pick of the Pads‘ where we’ll feature homes that attract us, captivate us, bewitch us… sweep us off our feet!

page showing view from Manchester's Beetham Tower in the Elle Decoration September 2013 magazine

This apartment in Manchester’s Beetham Tower does all of that in spades!

page showing living room and kitchen in Ian Sipmson's apartment in Manchester's Beetham Tower featured in the Elle Decoration September 2013 magazine

It’s a huge space, the penthouse duplex, taking up the whole of the 47th & 48th floors of the building. It’s the home of Ian Simpson, Beetham Tower’s architect.

page showing view across Manchester from the Beetham Tower featured in the Elle Decoration September 2013 magazine

As you’d expect from one of this country’s best architects, the apartment is absolutely stunning. There are scores of floor to ceiling windows allowing sunlight to stream through into double height rooms. And being so high up the views stretch right across to the Pennines!

page showing indoor olive grove in Manchester's Beetham Tower in the Elle Decoration September 2013 magazine

It even boasts an indoor swimming pool, terrace and olive grove – the trees had to be installed before the roof went on!

page showing living room area in Ian Sipmson's apartment in Manchester's Beetham Tower featured in the Elle Decoration September 2013 magazine

And of course it’s furnished with beautiful mid century modern furniture, artworks and decorative objects.

page showing the master bedroom in Ian Sipmson's apartment in Manchester's Beetham Tower featured in the Elle Decoration September 2013 magazine

For the full tour and more photos check out the September issue of Elle Decoration.

Update (3 April 2016): Here’s a new interview with the architect, Ian Simpson, in his penthouse apartment.

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