Designer Desire: Erik Höglund

Mosaic of Erik Höglund glass designs | H is for Home

We’ve not really featured any artists who specialise in glass so far in Designer Desire but that is about to change with this mosaic of work by Erik Höglund.

Best known for his people decanters for Kosta Boda (where he worked for 20 years), Höglund had a long and industrious career designing all manner of art glass. From the smallest coin-sized sun catchers to large-scale candelabra.

His decorative pieces are colourful and playful with organic, flowing forms. Many of them are designed to interact beautifully with light in some way – be it electric, fire, candle or the sun.

We have a few favourite pieces amongst this selection – perhaps the fabulous mid century modern fire-screen just edges it – or maybe that gorgeous ceiling candelabra. Tough choice!

There are always quite a lot of his works available for sale online – from just a few pounds to thousands & thousands. As a starting point, check out Etsy and eBay.

Erik Höglund portraits

Image credits:

1st Dibs | Artnet | Bukowskis | Invaluable

Forthcoming Attractions: Mid-November 2015

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vintage homewares

Here’s a selection of recent buys.

Close up of 'Tina' vintage print by J. H. Lynch

Ladies first, of course – a lovely vintage framed print of ‘Tina’ by J H Lynch. This one’s a very nice copy with original green hessian border.

Two white vintage Herbert Terry designed desk lamps

Two lamps by Herbert Terry & Sons next. The older of the pair, a classic Anglepoise, has the stepped base which is much sought after. It has obvious signs of wear, but we like this finish. Not battered, but loved & used. The other goose-necked lamp dates from the 1960s – we’ve not actually had this model before, but it’s a nice design – perfect for desk or bedside.

large vintage Bitossi bowl in blue, yellow and green

This Bitossi bowl is very attractive. We love the incised and stamped decoration and bold colours – very boho vintage!

Vintage blue and pink art glass vase

More handmade decoration with this glass vase with blue glass trailed over the pink marbled glass. It’s like a boiled sweet and very tactile. There’s an etched makers mark for Mdina glass to the base.

set of blue spotted Worcester Ware place mats

Finally, some vintage place mats. We’ve had this op-art like circle pattern in various shades and mat sizes over the years. They’re very eye-catching and always prove popular.

Selection of vintage purchases from November 2015

As always, the various pieces will be divided between our web shop and antiques centre space. Get in touch if you see anything that takes your fancy.

Charity Vintage: Whitefriars nipple vase

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Vintage Whitefriars nipple vase

We have a high-end Charity Vintage item for you this week. Helen & Douglas House* are selling this fantastic vintage Whitefriars nipple vase.

An identical vase, in the same sage green colourway, sold in March for £800. Another nipple vase, in kingfisher blue, ends tomorrow and is currently at £450. Yet another, in aqua, is for sale elsewhere online with a price of £900. This example above is listed with a ‘buy it now’ price of £800 but they are open to offers; a very fair price.

Up until fairly recently, we had a collection of tangerine Whitefriars art glass. However, as is the way when you’re vintage dealers, items come & go, ebb & flow.

*Helen & Douglas House is a registered charity providing respite and end of life care for children and young adults with life-shortening conditions, as well as support and friendship for the whole family.

Riihimaen collection

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collection of green vintage Riihimaen glass vases

We often speak of living with things for a while before they reach our shop – and this is a case in point. We steadily added glass vases to the windowsill on our landing over recent years, building up quite a collection. We’ve enjoyed looking at them each time we passed – the natural light enhancing the gorgeous olive green colourway & highlighting the different shapes… but now it’s time to let them go. Here they are pictured sitting atop a 1960s teak bookcase in our Picture House Antiques space – they look great grouped together.

detail of collection of green vintage Riihimaen glass vases

They’re all produced by Finnish glass company Riihimäki in the 1960s. For the sake of accuracy, we should attribute them to Riihimäen Lasi Oy as the company was renamed in the late 1930s, but they’re still often referred to as Riihimäki vases. The company had some very notable designers such as Aimo Okkolin, Timo Sarpaneva, Helena Tynell, Nanny Still, Tamara Aladin and Erkkitapio Siiroinen.

We’ve got them priced up between £15 & £35… and of course we’ve started a new windowsill collection!!

P is for… Per Lütken

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vintage Per Lütken thule vase for Holmegaard

We’ve just realised that it’s been almost a year since our last Alphabet blog post!!  Where does time go?

Anyway, we’ll get back on our metaphorical alphabet bike and resume where we left off. The last post in this series was O is for… Owl.  So today it’s P – and ‘P’ is for… Per. Per Lütken to be precise.

green glass bowl designed by Per Lütken for Holmegaard

photo credit: 20th Century Forum

Per Lütken is one of the great names in Scandinavian glass. He assumed the role of art director & chief designer at Holmegaard Glasværk in 1946.

collection of vintage 'Duckling' vases designed by Per Lütken for Holmegaard

photo credit: Retropolitan

He introduced lovely soft colours and free flowing organic forms to the company’s output in the 1950s – ‘Provence’ bowls & ‘Beak’ vases being classic pieces from this period. The iconic ‘Aristocrat’ decanter is also much sought after by mid century modern fans. The 1960s saw experimentation with clear & coloured glass to achieve eye-catching, swirling designs. Towards the end of the decade he introduced his innovative ‘Lava’ glassware which retained impurities to give an earthy, rustic look. The 1970s saw Lütken produce one-off glass sculptures along with further mass produced ranges such as the Vintergaek series which incorporated opaline glass into a clear glass body. He continued to design, develop, guide, influence & innovate at Holmegaard until his death in the 1990s.

Collection of 'Flamingo' vases designed by Per Lütken for Holmegaard
photo credit: austrohungaro, Collectors Weekly

There are some must-visit sites on the net for reference guides to Scandinavian glass – 20th Century Glass, 20th Century Forum and Collectors  Weekly.

collection of colourful 'Carnaby' vases designed by Per Lütken for Holmegaard
photo credit: austrohungaro, Collectors Weekly

Here’s a selection of books on Scandinavian art glass that we recommend:

We often have plenty of Scandinavian art glass available in our shop. We have one lovely example of Per Lütken’s work currently in stock. It’s the small, icy blue vase in our main picture. It has the great man’s signature etched to the base and the date year of 1958.