They’re cute, they’re classy, they’re cool – faux hibiscus trees

Artificial hibiscus tree

No matter what business you’re in, they all begin and end with the customer. To develop a successful business you need to create a great impression through your products, service – and if you have physical premises – quality, unique or memorable décor. There are a number of strategies used in decorating corporate areas; a space isn’t fully complete until accent items are added and focal points are created. Although introducing natural foliage into commercial interiors & exteriors is a perfectly reasonable choice, it isn’t always the most practical due to associated care and upkeep. Because of this, reproduction horticultural products have become a common solution within corporate landscaping.

When looking for faux trees and plants to revamp commercial space – indoor or outdoor – the first thing to consider is whether the landscaping element matches your requirements. Regardless of what you install in your spaces, it should create real positive impact on the viewer. The outdoor landscape of any commercial setting creates that all important first impression, luring the visitor into the premises. The indoor landscaping hopefully continues the good work, potentially helping convert visitors into customers. With their gorgeous flowering beauty, artificial hibiscus trees can deliver you the most modern, clean and sophisticated landscape. These faux botanical items can add real interest, maximising the decorative potential of the space.

Yellow artificial hibiscus flowers

A great option for corporate landscaping

Having a commercial space that’s adorned with lush green trees, plants and blooming flowers is quite challenging to get right in reality – especially considering the busy nature of corporate life. Taking care of live plants requires time or dedicated manpower for regular watering, fertilising, applying pesticides, pruning etc. Perhaps these tasks can be sub-contracted out, but you could find the additional cost to be very high. In such cases, artificial hibiscus trees can be a suitable choice for their versatility in a variety of commercial environments including:

  • Corporate headquarters
  • Municipal buildings
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Luxury hotels and restaurants
  • Bars and casinos
  • Shopping malls & multiplexes
  • Exhibition halls & art galleries

Adds a touch of tropical flavour

With a variety of blooms, colours and textures, hibiscus is native to tropical and sub-tropical regions and belongs to the mallow family. With their amazing beauty, these flowering plants can enhance any commercial landscape. Installing artificial hibiscus trees both indoors and outdoors creates attractive focal points and introduces a dynamic tropical ambiance regardless of location. Additionally, they continue to enhance an area with their bloom throughout the seasons.

Tangerine artificial hibiscus flowers

An array of varieties

The Commercial Silk collection of artificial hibiscus trees includes many varieties that can fill blank space in commercial interiors & exteriors. With their dramatic trumpet-shaped flowers, lush green foliage and stately, rustic trunk; they create a positive vibe in any commercial setting. They’re available in heights ranging from 5 to 12 feet, with realistic polyester flowers in hot pink, red and tangerine. In addition, you can choose varieties of artificial plants with lush, attractive foliage to enhance the look of a space.

Better than natural

Commercial Silk is the leading manufacturer of quality fake botanical items. They’re designed by their team of experts consisting of botanists, engineers, architects and landscape designers. Artificial hibiscus trees are so beautifully crafted that they look just like their live counterparts in all respects, and can be intersperced perfectly with other landscaping elements. As they’re exact replicas of natural hibiscus, you can hardly tell the difference. Thus, you get a realistic, near-natural tropical landscape that doesn’t require any ongoing care or maintenance.

Pink artificial hibiscus flowers

Completely safe and legal

The problem with some fake foliage is that it’s made from a cheap plastic material that can catch fire very easily. Artificial hibiscus trees from Commercial Silk are manufactured from ThermaLeaf grade plastic. The material is impregnated with special elements via injection moulding to make it fire retardant. Their products pass all fire-safety tests and also fulfil the legal requirements making your landscaping project safe and legal.

A maintenance-free solution

Fading, discolouration or loss of leaves is commonplace with live trees and plants. Commercial Silk imitation hibiscus trees are manufactured using high-quality material and colour pigments. This means that they’re unaffected by the harsh UV rays present in sunlight. No matter where you position them, they’ll retain their colour in all environmental conditions. Also, being artificial, faux hibiscus trees and plants don’t shed their leaves, creating litter beneath. This eliminates the job of clearing up the debris.

Artificial hibiscus shrub

An attractive setting with no seasonal die-back

Whilst natural hibiscus flowers are season specific, blooming from spring to autumn, their manufactured counterparts retain their blooming beauty year-round.

Budget-friendly surroundings

Due to their reasonable cost and durability, artificial hibiscus trees are a tempting option for corporate landscaping projects. These unique products are simple to install, and don’t need any special maintenance. Additionally, you can rotate and store them easily for future use. Thus, you can save a lot of time and money.

With their colourful flowers & foliage and natural wood stems, artificial hibiscus trees are perfect for so many landscaping projects.