5 things you should do after you’ve been in an auto accident

5 things you should do after you've been in an auto accident

With car ownership ever-increasing, automobile accidents are unsurprisingly very common on our roads. Cars have become a necessity for most people; they’re used for the work commute, take family members to and from school and are used to go on holiday. Driving a vehicle brings multiple challenges and requires concentration; it’s not an opportunity for multi-tasking. Hence, texting, making phone calls and other distractions whilst driving cause a lot of unnecessary accidents. No matter how careful someone is, they can still be caught up in an incident because of other road users. Below are some steps individuals should take whenever they’ve been involved in an auto accident.

Overturned car seen through a rear view mirror

Ensure everyone’s safety

The most important thing to do following a car crash is to find out if everyone involved is alright and unharmed. A lot of things can happen during an auto accident, including passengers being thrown from the vehicle. It’s essential to do a head count to ensure that everyone is accounted for. Once this is done, the next step should be attending to the ones deemed most in need of help. In the case of someone being seriously injured, first aid should be administered whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

Crashed car being recovered

Contact a credible rescue team

It’s always important to alert the necessary authorities as quickly as possible. Depending on where the accident happened and how serious it was, the police, highways and traffic agencies may need to be notified. The ambulance and/or fire service may also need to be requested. If a car is no longer drivable, a service such as the AA or RAC will need to be called to tow it away. Following auto accidents, lawyers also come in handy in case you think you’re in the wrong or if you need to seek compensation from someone else who has caused the accident.

Overturned car in an accident


Properly reporting a serious accident is vital; especially if is a legal case is launched. You should tell the police precisely what happened, to the best of your recollection. The exact time should be stated, including the weather conditions as well as the vehicles, their registrations and the drivers involved. The damage to  should also be noted down and the location established. You can add a diagram if it is necessary. Ensure that receive a copy of the report that you’ve given to the police, in case you need it in the future.

Wrecked car

Medical treatment

Whether you feel fine or not, medical treatment and follow-ups are always advisable. If the car is in good enough condition to drive, you should get all the passengers to the nearest emergency medical care available. Some injuries go undetected but can end up being fatal.

Black car with damage to the rear left wheel

Contact your insurance company

Most policies require immediate contact in case there are any accidents. Failure to adhere to this can end up with the financial damages being transferred to you. When contacting the company, make sure that you inform them of all the things that have occurred, including the crucial information about the other car and driver involved.