Wednesday Wish: BakeryBits equipment

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La Cloche baking dome available at BakeryBits

cane baguette banneton available at BakeryBits yellow lame or grignette for slashing dough available at BakeryBits

La Cloche baking dome – £47.99 | 500g/1.1lb cane baguette banneton – £16.99 | grignette or lame for slashing dough – £4.00
All available from BakeryBits

I was introduced to this great shop by Dan Lepard who mentioned them on Twitter. They stock all manner of baking tools, ingredients and even wood fire ovens! Their blog includes some very scrumptious bread, cake and pastry recipes too.

It’s my birthday in less than a fortnight – more than enough time for Justin to order me some new bread making apparatus!