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This run of sunny weather has seen us spending hours & hours in the garden each day. Pottering amongst the plants, al fresco lunching, reclining in deck chairs with cold drinks… oh, and doing some work of course.

It’s obviously had a big influence on this week’s Price Points post – bright, optimistic and fun.

Check out this cute selection of fruit salad homewares – each one under £30!

  1. Banana night light: £10.90, Amazon
  2. Sunnylife watermelon doormat: £29, Paperchase
  3. Outdoor garden pouffe – kiwi design by Fallen Fruits: £19.99, Selections

Banana ice cream

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small vintage enamel Cathrineholm bowl with home made banana ice cream and pair of ice cream wafer curls

As we mentioned in a post last week we’ve been feasting on lots of ice lollies in the warm weather.

bag of over ripe, marked down bananas

I saw this big bag of marked down, overripe bananas in the supermarket and thought I’d make some homemade banana ice cream.

sliced bananas on a chopping board

It’s really easy – first you peel & slice all the bananas and freeze them.

sliced bananas on two pizza cooking mesh sheets

Prior to putting them into the freezer I arranged them on these pizza baking meshes so that they didn’t turn into a massive, rock-hard lump.

frozen sliced bananas in a food processor

After about half an hour in the freezer pop the slices into a food processor and whizz for about 5 minutes stopping every minute or so, popping off the cover and turning over the contents with a spatula to ensure it all gets chopped up.

creamed frozen bananas in a food processor

If needed, you can add about 150ml of whole milk, single cream, soya or almond milk to give it a creamier consistency. You can also add a couple of tablespoons of honey for a sweeter mix.

creamed frozen bananas in a food processor

Decant into tubs (I used 6 medium bananas which made about 2 litres) and put in the freezer. Remove the tub from the freezer about 5 minutes before serving to make it easier to run a scoop through it.

small vintage enamel Cathrineholm bowl with home made banana ice cream and pair of ice cream wafer curls

Try adding chopped peanuts or chocolate chips (or both!) to the mix prior to decanting into the tubs.

green dotted horizontal line

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