Christmas gifts of the day: Collectable Christmas baubles

Collectable Christmas baubles | H is for Home

Collecting Christmas baubles is such a lovely hobby to have. Each year adding to your stash, each one having a story behind it – the place it was found, the person who gave it as a present. They could be vintage, hand-made or limited-edition. Nice ones are worth investing in as you should get decades of use out of them. Unwrapping them each year must be such a pleasure. And as they’re not permanently on display in the home, they retain a special attraction and fleeting magic… just like a white Christmas itself!

  1. SCS Christmas ornament, annual edition 2016: £49.00, Swarovski
  2. Authentic Tiffany & Co. Crystal Christmas tree holiday ornament: Etsy, £61.73
  3. Christmas 2016: ‘Iconic Cup and Saucer’ blue tree decoration: £12.50, Wedgwood
  4. 2016 Gift set, heart, ball, bell – palladium plated: £48.00, George Jensen
  5. Stieff Shaun The Sheep decoration: £79.95, Harrods
  6. ALESSI five-piece Christmas bauble set: £49.95, Selfridges