Beet It!

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close up view of freshly dug up beetroot

I don’t think we’ll ever win any prizes for our fruit & vegetable growing. This was our second attempt at growing beetroot. This year the roots were slightly more bulbous than the previous, but still not what you’d call monsters!

freshly dug up beetroot

But we didn’t despair – we decided to make best use of what (little) we had. We used some of the leaves in salad – they look & taste much like spinach, but with beautiful, burgundy stems.

freshly dug up beetroot in an antique Billingsgate Market oyster trug

The remaining leaves & stems made a lovely, earthy winter soup – garnished with a little flourish of cream.

home grown beetroot pickled in balsamic vinegar with whole mixed peppercorns

The (baby) beetroots themselves were pickled in balsamic vinegar with whole peppercorns – and they were absolutely delicious served with a selection of cheeses and a salad!

green dotted horizontal line

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