Price Points: Heated throws

Selection of heated throws | H is for Home

In an earlier Price Points post we compared a trio of electric blankets. Sometimes you want warming up before you actually go to bed. This is where heated throws come into the spotlight.

Working from home like we do, I spend hours at a time sitting at a computer. In the colder months, instead of turning the heating on to warm up the entire house, or going to the lengths of getting the wood-burner started, simply clicking on a throw is a better option. Not only does it get you warm quicker, it’s cheap to run – one model claims to cost as little as a penny a day.

The three that we’ve short-listed are all around the same dimensions – double bed blanket size. They’re also all machined washable (essential if you’re a snacker and tip tea down yourself like I do!). All these heated throws look as though they’d do a decent job of keeping you warm. However, I think the faux Alaskan husky example would be so snuggly and soft – like curling up with a real husky… without any of the doggy smell!

  1. Luxurious monogram heated electric throw/overblanket, large size, 180cm x 130cm: £34.99, eBay
  2. Homefront electric heated throw / over blanket in chocolate (160 x 120cm) easy to use digital control – machine washable – ultra soft, cosy finish: £44.95, Amazon
  3. Dreamland Relaxwell deluxe faux fur heated throw, Alaskan husky: £99.99, John Lewis