What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Keith Brymer Jones Word egg cups with eggs | H is for Home

Easter is only a fortnight away and this month’s competition is very apt. We have a gift boxed set of Keith Brymer Jones ‘Word’ egg cups for one of our readers to win. The egg cups are hand-stamped with the well-known conundrum, “What came first the chicken or the egg”.

Keith Brymer Jones Word egg cups set box with blue eggs | H is for Home

Keith Brymer Jones is, alongside Kate Malone, the oft-tearful judge of The Great Pottery Throw Down – he gets so emotional about his craft. We loved watching the last series that ended last week – you can still catch up on the iPlayer.

Keith Brymer Jones Word egg cups with boiled egg | H is for Home

Each piece is hand finished and is part of his extensive ‘Word’ range which includes, amongst other items, mugs, plates, bowls, teapots, butter dishes… and even pet feeding bowls.

To win the egg cup set, leave us a comment below saying how you like your eggs!

Set of Keith Brymer Jones egg cups

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Gimme Five! Egg cups

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Selection of five egg cups

We’re currently on a mission. Justin’s mum has asked us to keep an eye out for some egg cups. No real instructions regarding style or material. They don’t even have to match. A flexible brief you could say!

We’ve started by browsing some of the internet offerings and decided to make it into our Gimme Five for this week.

  1. 4 x Martin Wiscombe spotty egg cups: £13.30, Tesco
  2. Egg cosy set: £22, H is for Home
  3. Berså egg cup: £27, Royal Design
  4. Acapulco design egg cup by Villeroy and Boch: £5.79 each, Etsy
  5. 4 x Scion Mr Fox egg cups: £15, John Lewis