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Etsy List: Food, glorious food!

Monday, September 21st, 2015

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Food, glorious food Etsy List curated by H is for Home

It’s British Food Fortnight so that’s what we’re celebrating on this week’s Etsy List. British food is no longer the butt of jokes. Thanks to the plethora of cookery programmes on television such as Great British Bake Off, Great British Menu and Masterchef we’ve become a nation of foodies.

Cooking & baking is no longer a mystery; the information, equipment and ingredients are easy to get hold of and we’re all giving it a go!

It’s not just about cooking, though; it’s a celebration of growing your own and picking you own. It’s about shopping seasonally and locally – supporting local farmers and producers.

Food, glorious food!
Curated by H is for Home

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Etsy List: British heritage

Monday, September 7th, 2015

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'British heritage' Etsy List curated by H is for Home

10-13 September sees the annual Heritage Open Days here in England. It’s the opportunity to visit thousands of buildings all across the country for free.

Many of the buildings are usually closed to the public so it’s a great chance to see behind the scenes. Buildings taking part range from cathedrals to mosques, tin mines to swimming baths, pubs to temperance houses, masonic lodges to Salvation Army halls.

We’ve selected 8 of the locations that will be taking part this year. Go check out their website, there’s bound to be a venue near you that should make for a fab day out!

British heritage
Curated by H is for Home

Christmas Countdown: Folksy

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

selection of festive handmade items on the Folksy website

Folksy is the British version of Etsy and is a great website to trawl through if you’re looking for Christmas gifts & decorations that are handmade and just that little bit different!

1. three wise men Russian dolls £95 | 2. Christmas fairy £8

3. hand blown glass baubles £9.95 ea. | 4. Scandinavian toy angel £12

5. stained glass mistletoe sprig £30 | 6. Christmas pudding soap £6