Price Points: Cactus lights

Various cactus lights | H is for Home

A few years ago, it was all about pineapples in home décor. Recently, it seems that the baton has been passed to the cactus. Lots of homewares have been given the cacti treatment. Cactus wallpaper, cactus candles, cactus vases, cactus cushions and cactus lights – the list goes on & on!

Here are three cactus lights at various price points that caught our eye.

  1. SUNNYLIFE cactus small neon light: £22, Selfridges
  2. Cactus marquee light: £60, Etsy
  3. Home Collection ‘Cactus’ marquee floor light: £135, Debenhams

Cactus cups

'Cactus Cups' blog post banner

Vintage cups planted up with mini cacti | H is for Home

We’ve got a box full of random pieces of vintage crockery – kept in store just in case we need them to make up sets. To be honest, this doesn’t happen that often so we decided to give them a new life in a different way.

Stack of vintage cups

Amongst the selection are a whole host of lovely cups – the perfect home for small plants. We did something similar with colourful tins some time ago.

Vintage cups and supplies to plant up with mini cacti

So it was off to our local garden centre where we bought small cacti, succulent compost and fine gravel.

Vintage floral cup with base layer of fine gravel

As there are no drainage holes, start with a good layer of gravel to prevent water-logging. You’ll still need to avoid over-watering though – especially in the winter.

Vintage floral cup with middle layer of special cactus compost

Certain cacti seem to suit certain cups – whether it’s the size, shape, form or colour.

Vintage floral cup with middle layer of special cactus compost

Surround with the succulent compost and firm in.

Vintage floral cup planted up with a mini cactus and top dressing of crushed shell

Finish with an attractive top layer – we chose this crushed shell mix that they had in the aquarium section of the garden centre.

Vintage floral cup planted with a mini cactus

And voilà – cactus in a cup!

Vintage cups planted up with mini cacti | H is for Home

We think they look gorgeous – especially in a small grouping. We kept a few for ourselves and took some to our antiques centre space, where they’ve found a nice home on a window sill.


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Collection of small succulents & cacti in food tins & terracotta pots on a bench in our garden

These colourful old tins looked a bit too pretty to put into the recycling bin.

Collection of small succulents in two cardboard boxes in our garden

A small collection had been sitting under the kitchen sink for months… but what to do with them?

Collection of empty, used food tins

Initially we thought herbs, but we’ve always liked succulents and we’ve seen some lovely little groupings in magazines & Pinterest – often in a selection of nice pots sitting on a windowsill. It suddenly struck us that these tins would be perfect.

cactus planted in a pimenton dulce tin

Succulents & cacti come in such an amazing variety of sizes, shapes & colours – perfect to compliment the different tins.

Collection of small cacti in terracotta pots in our garden

We also put some in small terracotta pots. Fortunately we live about a mile away from Gordon Rigg Garden Centre and they had a great selection – we bought more succulents than we had tins! They cost between 65p & £1.50 each so it didn’t break the bank! We saw bags of tiny crushed shells in the aquarium section of the garden centre and they finished the containers off perfectly.

Detailed view of a small, spiky cactus in a small smoked paprika tin in our garden

The tins are now dotted around the kitchen and the pots in the bathroom. We’re very happy with the results – they look great and virtually look after of themselves.