Designer Desire: Carol Cutler

Selection of Carol Cutler designs for Poole Pottery | H is for Home

Carol Cutler has been on our radar from well before we even began trading as H is for Home. We used to collect Delphis design Poole Pottery and our favourite paintress has always been Carol Cutler (her married name was Kellett).

The more Delphis you see, the more you can immediately recognise Cutler’s designs. She often used lots of circular patterns and motifs that look like insects’ eyes or nut kernels. During her long career at Poole Pottery, she also worked on other ranges such as Aegean and Atlantis.

Delphis is surprisingly affordable and can always be found to buy online. We sometimes have the odd piece in stock and eBay and Etsy usually have plates, vases and dishes available.

Additional image credits: My Potshots | Robs Poole Pottery

P is for… Poole

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Collection of vintage Poole Delphis pottery vases and plates | H is for Home

Poole Pottery is a vast topic with well over 100 years of production, so we’ll narrow it down a bit – and concentrate on one of our favourite ranges.

The arrival of Robert Jefferson as resident designer in the late 1950s took Poole in new directions regarding shapes & glazes.

Vintage Poole Pottery Delphis vase | H is for Home

The Delphis range was one of the developments.

Trio of Poole Pottery plates & dishes designed by Carol Cutler | H is for Home

Working with Guy Sydenham, the gulf between studio pottery and commercial production could be bridged, resulting in this exciting, dynamic range.

Delphis was launched at an exhibition at Heal’s in 1963 and subsequently at stores throughout the UK.

Poole Pottery plate designed by Carol Cutler | H is for Home Poole Pottery plate designed by Carol Cutler | H is for Home

Abstract designs & bright colours were the characteristic features.

Poole Pottery 'Delphis' plate | H is for Home

The range was a great success both at home & overseas and was increasingly marketed with the emphasis on the hand painted element.

Poole Pottery 'Delphis' pin dish | H is for Home Poole Pottery 'Delphis' dish | H is for Home

A standard range of shapes was used with individual painters responsible for the free-flowing designs. There were approximately 50 artists working on the range including names such as Andrée Fontana, Beverley Mantel, Cynthia Bennett, Lynn Gregory, Ross Sommerfelt, Janet Laird, Thelma Bush and Carol Holden.

Our own particular favourite is Carol Cutler (Kellett) who worked between 1969 & 1976.

Poole Pottery 'Delphis' pin dish | H is for Home

Carol Cutler's painter's mark on the base of a Poole Pottery plate | H is for HomeCarol Cutler’s painter’s mark

Production of Delphis continued until the late 1970s.

Other similar Poole ranges to look out for from this period are Aegean, Ionian and Atlantis.

Vintage Poole Pottery 'Aegean' plate | H is for HomeAegean range fish plate

To see a huge range of colour photos of all the different Poole pottery visit the Poole Pottery Collectors Club website.

There’s also a wonderful book that looks at Delphis in detail. It includes a full list of the Delphis painters and their marks. It actually covers the entire history of Poole Pottery – all the ranges & designers involved. It is simply entitled Poole Pottery by Hayward & Atterbury. It’s available from both and It contains lots of great, full-colour reference photographs.

Small vintage Poole Pottery vase | H is for Home

Also, check out the Poole Pottery Flickr group we started up. Please feel free to join up & add any photos of your own!

We sometimes have a few pieces of Poole, including Delphis, for sale at H is for Home.

Some of you may have noticed that it’s been longer than usual between blogs. We’ve had a very busy week, including a magazine photo shoot at our house – all very exciting! More about that to follow soon…