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Merry Christmas from H is for Home

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

vintage Christmas textile hanging with illustration by Herbert Leupin

Merry Christmas & a prosperous 2014 to all our friends, fans, readers & customers!

Etsy List: Scandi Christmas 2013

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

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We’re beginning a brand new blog series entitled Etsy List. Each week, we’ll curate a themed selection of 16 items available on the Etsy website.

As it’s Christmas, we’re starting with Scandi Christmas 2013.

Schweppes Christmas

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

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vintage Schweppes Christmas advertising board

We’ve been digging out our vintage Christmas decorations this week – items that we’ve collected over the past few months & years. They add a vintage touch to the shop-bought baubles, home-made crafty bits and holly we’ve picked on recent walks.

vintage Schweppes Christmas advertising board

This one is a Schweppes advertising sign. You’d never guess – it’s only mentioned a hundred times!

vintage Schweppes Christmas advertising board

It was designed by Herbert Leupin in the 1950s/60s – and takes the form of a Christmas tree incorporating all the various Schweppes labels from the period. We’ll really enjoy having it on display for a couple of weeks.

Salt dough decorations

Monday, December 16th, 2013

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salt dough Christmas garland with red hearts and white stars

We spent some time this week putting up our Christmas trees and decorations. We’ve got a glistening artificial copper tree on the top floor and a real spruce on the ground floor.

salt dough ingredients

In addition to some shop bought baubles, I decided to make some home made Christmas decorations using salt dough, just 3 cheap & basic ingredients were needed. Plain flour, table salt and water – in easy to measure and remember volumetric quantities: 2-1-1. Two parts flour, one part salt, one part water. Measure out your mix using any cup, spoon, scoop or similar container depending on how much dough you want to whip up.

salt dough cut out shapes

I used cookie cutters to make a few different shapes – stars, crescent moons, hearts, medallions. Before you pop them in the oven, don’t forget to use a skewer to make a hole in each if you want to hang them on your tree or wall!

salt dough cut out shapes

I’ve seen instructions elsewhere on the ‘net that you can use either an oven or a microwave on its lowest setting to dry out your dough. I used both methods to compare & contrast. The microwave method was very quick –  this batch was done in about six 1-minute bursts. The oven method was much, much slower – about 4 hours at 110°C/225°F/Gas mark ¼. You can see the difference between the two methods in the photo below – the microwave method made the shapes puff up (unevenly); I prefer the way the ones made in the oven turned out.

cooked salt dough cut out shapes

I had a few bits & bobs of shiny, crafty things stashed away that I thought I’d use to embellish – glitter, ribbon, beads and sequins.

cooked salt dough cut out shapes with craft materials

I even had a spray can of gold paint – I can’t remember where or when I bought that – but it came in handy!

spray painted salt dough cut out shapes

We have a copper Christmas tree that these will look great on!

gold painted salt dough Christmas decorations

But my favourite salt dough decorations I made are these two garlands – very Scandi!

Salt dough garland

We’ve just gathered some lovely holly with nice red berries on one of our dog walks – and our garden is full of ivy with the most beautiful seed heads that look exploding stars. That will bring seasonal nature indoors and provide the perfect finishing touch.

olive green dotted horizontal line

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Charity Vintage: Morestone Santa, reindeer & sleigh

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

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vintage Morestone die cast Father Christmas in a sleigh with a reindeer
(Ends 19 Dec, 2013 11:50:05 GMT)

This is a festive vintage Moreston die cast Father Christmas reindeer sleigh being sold by & on behalf of The Earl Mountbatten Hospice* It’s in amazing condition for its age – apparently having been carefully wrapped up in tissue paper for over half a century!

The listing ends on Thursday – hopefully in time for the lucky high bidder to receive it in time for Christmas!

*The Earl Mountbatten Hospice is the only Hospice on the Isle of Wight providing palliative care to cancer and MND patients. They need to raise £4,500 per day to maintain the services they provide in our 15-bedded in patients ward. They also have a day Hospice that provides respite care to over 50 patients per week.