Get their look: Urban roof terrace

Urban roof terracecredit

We love living the quiet life, but every so often we both get a yearning for big city living again. This urban roof terrace is just the kind of outdoor space that many city-dwellers would love; a huge sky and activity all around.

It’s very open indeed, so perhaps not everyone’s favoured option – probably not the best place for a spot of sunbathing in the nude! The clear glass barriers are primarily built for safety rather than privacy. The view is one of the terrace’s great attractions, however –  you’d have the feeling of hovering in mid-air – so probably wise not to block it out.

Astroturf is the perfect floor covering, it stands up to the elements, is non-slip, soft underfoot and really gives the illusion of a well-manicured lawn. It looks like a lovely place for a relaxed, al fresco gathering of friends and family.

  1. 1000mm2 toughened clear glass balustrade panels
  2. Matthew Hilton Eos outdoor furniture range for Case
  3. MAUI deckchair slings
  4. John Lewis deckchair frame, FSC-certified (eucalyptus)
  5. 4 Nova champagne glasses
  6. Stainless steel ice bucket / wine/champagne cooler
  7. Marlow medium density artificial grass

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Get their look: Urban roof terrace | H is for Home

Get their Look: Eclectic high-rise city apartment

Eclectic high-rise city apartment

Just look at that gorgeous view across London from this eclectic high-rise city apartment!

Even though you’d spend most of your time looking out of that window that spans almost the entire width of the room, there’s plenty to enjoy within the interior too.

It’s decorated with a seamless mix of vintage and new. The beautiful shiny wood of the floor is mirrored in the pair of sideboards and musical instruments. Despite the room being fairly narrow, the retro patterned op-art wallpaper on both walls works counter-intuitively, making it appear spacious.

I could well imagine myself sitting on that sofa, whiling away the day watching London life go by below.

  1. Hicks Hexagon wallpaper
  2. Globe ceiling lamp – clear
  3. Benedict Blue lampshade
  4. Boll clear round glass vase
  5. Spoke Edgings armchair
  6. Origami side table – glass/antique brass
  7. Pineapple sideboard

Get their Look: Eclectic high-rise city apartment | H is for Home