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'Organise your home' Etsy List curated by H is for Home

In 10 days time, it’s Organise your Home Day; probably because it’s a time when many of us start to think about doing a spot of spring cleaning. Here in the Calderdale, many of us have been doing nothing but since Boxing Day.

Along with many other Northern areas, we were badly affected by flooding. This lovely valley and the string of settlements that we call home – Walsden, Todmorden, Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd, and Sowerby Bridge were all hit.

There’s currently an appeal online which Central Government has agreed to match pound for pound. Please donate if you can, whatever you can!


coop-hebdenHebden Bridge


Organise your home
Curated by H is for Home

House maintenance – 10 ways to maintain your biggest investment

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House in handsimage credit

Your home is probably one of the most expensive things you’ve ever bought, so it’s important to keep it in tip-top shape. A little revamp here and there will ensure your property stays in great condition for a long time, so here are 10 useful maintenance tips:

painting garage door muralimage credit

  1. Paint your garage doors

A fresh lick of paint is a well-known way of giving rooms a quick and relatively easy makeover. But don’t neglect the outside of your property. The look of your house contributes to what is called ‘curb appeal’ – how attractive it appears, which is particularly important when it comes to getting a valuation. Painting garage doors can instantly transform the appearance of a house. Just ensure you use a specialist paint supplier, like Rawlins.

cleaning carpetimage credit

  1. Have the carpets deep cleaned

Your carpets might not look particularly dirty, but you’ll be amazed how much dirt and grime has been ground into the material over time. One of the best ways to remove all this is to have your carpets professionally cleaned – you’ll be surprised at the results.

washing windowsimage credit

  1. Wash the windows

On the next warm, dry day, head outside with a bucket of bubbly water and clean the windows using a squeegee. Don’t want to do this yourself? Then there’s sure to be a local window cleaner who’ll do the job for you.

Caulking around a bathtubimage credit

  1. Get caulking

As a home-owner, it’s essential to check the caulking around showers and bathtubs and repair as needed to prevent leaks.

cleaning a shower head with vinegarimage credit

  1. Clean sediment from shower heads

Shower heads can become blocked with all kinds of gunk, so if you’re in the mood for some maintenance, pull on your rubber gloves and clean out the sediment. One of the easiest ways to do this is to submerge the shower head in a bag of vinegar for a few hours.

polishing furnitureimage credit

  1. Give your furniture a polish

There comes a time when furniture can start to look a bit dull and worn, but you can bring it back to life with a good polish. And you don’t even need to buy expensive products as olive oil is a great cleaning agent and ideal for polishing wood.

screwing hinge into cupboard doorimage credit

  1. Tighten loose screws

Once in a while, go through the house with a screwdriver and tighten any screws that are a bit loose on cupboards, draws and such like.

fixing a door lockimage credit

  1. Check all locks and deadbolts

The security of your home is of paramount importance, so check all locks and deadbolts. If something doesn’t work properly, replace it.

clearing fallen leaves from roof gutteringimage credit

  1. Clear out your guttering

Don’t forget to spruce up your outside space too by getting rid of all the leaves, mud and whatever else might have found its way into your guttering.

cleaning patio with power washerimage credit

  1. Give your patio a deep clean

There are many ways to improve your outside space, but cleaning your patio is definitely one of them. Use a pressure cleaner and you should find it makes a big difference without taking too much time.

So there you have it – ten simple, yet effective ways to maintain your home.


Etsy List: Spring Clean

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'Spring Clean' Etsy List curated by H is for Home

It’s the official Organise Your Home Day in a couple of days – and at H is for Home it’s well overdue!

It’s been full-on round these parts for the past couple of months; what with Christmas then straight into preparing & filing our tax returns. We’re sorry to say that housework has been severely neglected for far too long. With what feels like non-stop rain since November, walking boots and paws have been traipsing mud through the house many times per day.

A thorough spring clean is the only thing for it!

Spring Clean
Curated by H is for Home

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Wednesday Wish: Mrs White’s New Home Hamper

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Mrs White's New Home Hamper from Rouiller White

Summer is the time when people start perusing RightMove and thinking about putting their house on the market. If you know anyone that’s moving home Mrs White’s New Home Hamper would make a great house-warming present. According to the blurb, the cleaning products are “all completely natural and look back to a time which pre-dates the mass commercial use of harsh, largely unnecessary, chemicals in everyday items”.

The hamper is from Roullier White and contains:

It makes me almost want to go through the stress & upset associated with moving… almost! 🙂

Wednesday Wish: Cyber Clean

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Cyber Clean Home and Office Pop-Up Cup
Cyber Clean Home and Office Pop-Up Cup – Single (145g) – £4.96, Amazon

Our poor MacBook gets an absolute hammering. We’re blogging, emailing, listing, uploading, social media-ing sometimes up to 15 hours per day… every day. With all that finger tapping (and the occasional canine pawing!) the keyboard gets filthy.

We could do with getting ourselves a cup of this Cyber Clean Home and Office. The contents look like a cross between silly putty and slime (showing my age here!). Apparently, all you do is squelch the contents into your keyboard and it extracts all the crumbs, dust, dirt and other various detritus that find their way beneath the keys. It’s reusable, it cleans, disinfects and a few people in their reviews commented on the nice fresh smell it leaves behind. It’s also good for your mobile and land-line phones, remote controls, speakers, games consoles & controllers and anywhere with little nooks & crannies.