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Oxo cold brew coffee maker

Monday, February 1st, 2016

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Oxo cold brew coffee maker

We’ve just received this Oxo cold brew coffee maker to try out. We were very intrigued when we first saw it. It filters ground coffee without boiling water. According to the maker:

The cold-brew process is known for delivering smooth, low-acid coffee. Since the grounds never come in contact with hot water, the result is a less acidic, less bitter flavour. Steeping the grounds in cold water releases only the most aromatic flavours, and the concentrate created from the cold-brew process stays fresh longer than regular coffee.

How to use the Oxo cold brew coffee maker

It’s easy to use and store… and actually good looking enough to leave on view if you’re planning to use it regularly… which you might very well want to do after trying it for the first time. In effect, it produces a cold espresso. This has the perfect, intense coffee flavour which is ideal for using in baking, ice cream & frappuccinos – and with the addition of boiling water or hot milk to the cold press, a gorgeous cup of real, hot coffee – which knocks spots off a teaspoon of instant!

Oxo cold brew coffee maker box & leaflet

We’ve been trying it out for a few days now, It’s great having ready-made, real coffee that just needs hot water or milk added. It’s like making & drinking instant coffee but with the superior real coffee taste. We’ve got a funny feeling our latte and  frappuccino consumption is going to go through the roof!

Oxo cold brew coffee maker in action

Even if you’re not much of a coffee drinker, you can use it to cold brew your tea leaves.

Home-made Frappuccino using coffee brewed with the Oxo cold brew coffee maker

If you fancy getting your hands on your very own Oxo cold brew coffee maker, why don’t you enter our competition below? Give it a go!

Oxo cold brew coffee maker giveaway

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Home Tones: Black Coffee

Saturday, November 28th, 2015

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Basement wine cellar & seating area in a boutique mews housecredit

This week’s Home Tones brings you all things black coffee coloured. It’s the shade of brown associated with wenge, a beautiful tropical hardwood.

It’s a very practical and forgiving colour for use on walls and floors; hiding all manner of scuffs, marks… and scribbles! Perfect for those with kids or big, active dogs like ours (or rather, big muddy dogs most of the time recently!).

It has real warmth and atmosphere, working perfectly with other natural shades – and contrasting well with creamy whites and greens. Pair it with highlight metallics such as gold, brass and copper on lamps, taps, light switches and sockets.

Small home office area with black coffee wallpapered wallscredit

Light-filled sitting room with pair of large brown leather sofascredit

Bathroom with floor to ceiling matt tiles in black coffeecredit

Solid rendered spiral staircase painted in black coffee colourcredit

Bedroom in the Emirates Crown decorated in black coffee and other shades of browncredit

Bathroom clad in black coffee stained wood panellingcredit

Sitting room with pair of large cream sofas and black coffee coloured wall panellingcredit

Gimme Five! Travel coffee presses

Friday, May 29th, 2015

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travel coffee presses

I don’t know about you, but I can barely function without that first mug of coffee in the morning. When we wake up & set off at stupid o’clock and head off towards some car boot sale or other over yonder, I’m not always ready for that first cuppa. Plus, if we’ve a long drive ahead of us, we want to avoid having to make a pit-stop en route to use a public convenience.

With one of these travel coffee presses, we can prepare a brew just before we hit the road and pop it in our rucksack. We can then enjoy the aroma & taste of a proper cup of coffee either on the road or as we arrive.

Our favourite is the Cafflano, designed by a Korean businessman. Apparently he “loved his ‘proper’ coffee and drank several cups a day, but resented the high prices of coffee-shop coffee and didn’t want to spend a fortune on an espresso or capsule machine” – a man after my own heart!

It’s great because it incorporates a built-in ceramic grinder, hot water reservoir and drip filter. You’d be hard pressed :-) to make a fresher cup of coffee on the go!

  1. Healthy Steps coffee press: £7.40, eBay
  2. Cafflano Klassic coffee maker: £64.99, Lakeland
  3. Impress coffee brewer: £34.99, Firebox
  4. AeroPress coffee maker: £25, Whittard
  5. Aladdin Aveo flask with cafétiere: £19.05, Amazon