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Home Tones: Cornflower Blue

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

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Cornflower blue garden doorcredit

Cornflowers are such a gorgeous colour. They’re a very particular blue – deep, vibrant and penetrating – an almost ‘glow in the dark’ hue. The most sought after and valuable shade of sapphires is the cornflower variety. The artist Johannes Vermeer frequently used the colour in his paintings – just think of the headscarf worn by the  Girl with a Pearl Earring and The Milkmaid‘s skirt. As with many of these intense pigments, cornflower blue is best used as a highlight or feature colour in interior décor. Use it in conjunction with bright white, other shades of blue or – as it’s found in nature – green.

blue bottles holding cornflowerscredit

White kitchen with a cornflower blue feature wallcredit

Sitting room with cornflower blue rug and egg chaircredit

Cornflower blue painted bathroom shelvingcredit

Pair of large corflower blue upholstered sofas in a sitting roomcredit

White bathroom with cornflower blue feature wallcredit

Dining room with tulip chairs with cornflower blue seat padscredit

Home Tones: Post Box Red

Saturday, August 15th, 2015

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Post box red wall in the home library of Underhill Housecredit

This week’s Home Tone is post box red, otherwise known as Royal Mail Red, ref no. 538 BS381C – what a classic! It’s not just reserved for post boxes though. As you can see from our selection of interiors images, it makes a real impact on walls, ceilings, doors, appliances, textiles and furniture. It would probably feel a bit oppressive if overused, but a very successful highlight or feature colour.

Mondrian-influenced bedroomcredit

Red & white roll top bath in a red-ceilinged bathroomcredit

Grey & white kitchen with red Smeg fridgecredit

Red feature wall on a stairwaycredit

Single bedroom with red bedding and accessoriescredit

Red front doorcredit

Red circular upholstered seats in a child's bedroomcredit

Etsy List: True Blue

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

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'True Blue' Etsy list

We went out for a meal at the weekend with a couple of friends. When they turned up, one of them said to me, “I’ve never seen you wearing blue before”. I thought about it a second and realised that even though we’ve known each other for about 15 years, it was probably true! Other than jeans, I don’t own that many blue items of clothing.

The following day, I thought about it a bit more. I’ve never had a blue interior either. No blue-painted rooms, no blue towels, no blue bedding, no blue pottery or glass, no blue pots & pans. Granted, blue isn’t one of my favourite colours – like purple or orange – but I’ve nothing against it. I love turquoise, royal blue and indigo… sky blue and baby blue, less so.

Perhaps I’d better make up for lost time – there’s so much fabulous blue vintage and interiors stuff out there!

True Blue
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