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Etsy List: True Blue

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

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'True Blue' Etsy list

We went out for a meal at the weekend with a couple of friends. When they turned up, one of them said to me, “I’ve never seen you wearing blue before”. I thought about it a second and realised that even though we’ve known each other for about 15 years, it was probably true! Other than jeans, I don’t own that many blue items of clothing.

The following day, I thought about it a bit more. I’ve never had a blue interior either. No blue-painted rooms, no blue towels, no blue bedding, no blue pottery or glass, no blue pots & pans. Granted, blue isn’t one of my favourite colours – like purple or orange – but I’ve nothing against it. I love turquoise, royal blue and indigo… sky blue and baby blue, less so.

Perhaps I’d better make up for lost time – there’s so much fabulous blue vintage and interiors stuff out there!

True Blue
Curated by H is for Home

Bookmarks: Decorating with Colour

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

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Farrow & Ball 'Decorating with Colour' book by Ros Byam Shaw with photography by Jan Baldwin

This is one of our favourite books at the moment – we’re dipping in & out of it all the time!

brightly coloured home office

It’s entitled, Farrow & Ball – Decorating with Colour.

title page from Farrow & Ball 'Decorating with Colour' book by Ros Byam Shaw with photography by Jan Baldwin

It’s beautifully written by Ros Byam Shaw with stunning photography by Jan Baldwin.

mahogany paintwork

We tour around Europe, visiting some truly gorgeous homes that incorporate Farrow & Ball products into their decorating schemes.

log pile

There’s no doubting that Ros is an expert when it comes to this much-loved British brand, this being her second book in collaboration with them!

mosaic of painted doorways

Her first book concentrated solely on English houses, but in this tome we’re also treated to peeks inside the homes of Farrow & Ball lovers in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Denmark, Norway & Switzerland.

pair of purple upholstered armchairs

There’s a great variation in the types of property & spaces featured – from country farms to urban villas. They have broadly traditional, rustic country and contemporary styles – but in truth they’re truly eclectic, their owners skilfully mixing items from many styles & eras.

room with white-painted wooden rafters

They’re furnished with antique, vintage, retro and industrial pieces.

red kitchen wall with white area painted unevenly with a roller

In addition to having owners with great taste, they all have one more important thing in common…

exterior paintwork

…the magic touch of Farrow & Ball.

Arcana table and chairs

We love Farrow & Ball ourselves – the tradition, the integrity, the colours, the eccentric names!

Contemporary chapter from the Farrow & Ball 'Decorating with Colour' book by Ros Byam Shaw with photography by Jan Baldwin

This book is a must for anyone who shares this love – or for anyone who likes beautiful interiors.

Royal Welcome chapter from the Farrow & Ball 'Decorating with Colour' book by Ros Byam Shaw with photography by Jan Baldwin

We like the fact that each photograph is accompanied by a short descriptive passage that helpfully includes the specific paint shades used in each space.


The author also shares each owner’s story, the property history, architectural highlights and details about certain pieces of furniture & art works.

wide open shelving

The book is divided up into broad sections which cover the decorating principles relating to Classic, Contemporary and Country.

neutral paint colour charts

Towards the end of the book there’s also practical information about products, finishes and colour groupings that work well together.

Neutral Territory chapter from the Farrow & Ball 'Decorating with Colour' book by Ros Byam Shaw with photography by Jan Baldwin

The author also takes us inside her own home – and a beautiful home it is too – with a modern, country, rustic style. We love the house and could really relate to the section where she talks about the challenge of a poorly lit space – in her case, an inner hall. She plucked up the courage to paint this space in Farrow & Ball ‘Mahogany’.

walls in hallway painted black

It’s counter intuitive, but as Ros points out, the darker shades create atmospheric & dramatic spaces – and actually make them look bigger. She says that it still gives her a thrill every time she enters. We’ve been toying with the idea of painting our landing area & upstairs lounge space in a dark shade. This section of the book has finally convinced us to go for it!

john name and green art glass on a shelf

We know what we’re going to paint – and when. There’s just one last question to resolve though – Mahogany, Tanner’s Brown, Pelt, Off-Black, Pitch-Black or Downpipe??  We’ll flick through the book once again to look at how the various shades look in real life.

Dark Drama chapter from the Farrow & Ball 'Decorating with Colour' book by Ros Byam Shaw with photography by Jan Baldwin

This book comes highly recommended. It’s a comprehensive guide – and will be an endless source of inspiration.

[This review is brought to you in collaboration with Farrow & Ball]

Etsy List: 16 Shades of Grey

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

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'16 Shades of Grey' Etsy List by H is for Home

16 Shades of Grey
Curated by H is for Home

Who said the colour grey is boring? It’s a fantastically versatile colour in interiors and judging by the recent first series of the Great Interior Design Challenge, it’s bang on trend!

Different shades look fabulous together in a room setting – from concrete to dove, gunmetal to charcoal. Grey works a treat as a foundation colour, setting off furniture and accessories in bold colours such as mustard yellow, lime green, hot pink and teal blue.