Tuesday Huesday: Coloured Tights

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collection of coloured tights available at UK Tights
Oroblu All Colours 50 Slide Touch Opaque Tights, UK Tights

I love pairing a pair of brightly coloured tights with a 60s shift dress or denim skirt. Trinny & Susannah once said on their “What not to Wear” TV programme that bright colours should never be worn with black. I completely disagree! The ladies in this photo remind me of the line up in Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” video.

There’s a huge range of brightly coloured tights available at UK Tights – best get stocking up for when the colder weather makes its reappearance!

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Wednesday Wish: Zig zag patterned tights

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two pairs of H & M patterned tights in grey and purple

Zig zag patterned tights: H&M – £6.99

As the weather gets colder, (I’m sitting here typing with the woodburner chuffing away!) one of the things I look forward to is delving back into my winter wardrobe. Coloured & patterned tights are an integral part and I always buy a few pairs each year – I’ll be snapping up a few of these!