Charity Vintage: A Little Taste of Yorkshire

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'A Little Taste of Yorkshire' cookbook for sale on eBay for Charity raising funds for The Prince's Trust (ends 22 Mar, 2015 17:00:11 GMT)

Every so often we feature something in our weekly Charity Vintage series that doesn’t strictly belong in the ‘vintage’ category. This post is one of those times. We’ve chosen it because it features two things close to our hearts – food and Yorkshire.

A Little Taste of Yorkshire is a cookbook produced as part of the The Prince’s Trust Million Makers* nationwide challenge. The team behind the cookbook, from Hallmark Cards based in Bradford, aims to raise £10,000 or more with 100% of the proceeds from the sales being donated to The Prince’s Trust.

The book contains over 45 recipes, including ones from Michelin-starred restaurants The Pipe and Glass Inn in Beverley and The Old Vicarage near Sheffield. I didn’t know until today that Yorkshire has the most Michelin-starred restaurants outside of London!

The book showcases some of the eateries themselves – from the famous fish & chip shop, the Magpie Café in Whitby to Primo’s Hot Dogs in Leeds to Forster’s Bistro and Deli in Bradford… and lots of others in-between.

*The Prince’s Trust Million Makers competition is an entrepreneurial fund-raising challenge which sees talented teams from companies across the country competing to outdo each other, all in the name of charity.

Gimme Five! Cookbooks

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Selection of 5 cookbooks

Everybody loves to get a book for Christmas. I especially love to find a new, glossy, hardback cookbook under the tree to add to my collection!

Anyone who follows this blog will know that we love baking bread, cakes, pastries and cookies as well as using foraged ingredients. Here are five cookbooks that will go a long way towards extending our cookery repertoire!

  1. The Delia Collection – Baking: £10.03, Hive
  2. The Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook: £14.60, Foyles
  3. Tartine box set: £45, Blackwells
  4. Hedgerow (River Cottage Handbook, No.7): Amazon, £10.34
  5. Pie: Delicious Sweet and Savoury Pies and Pastries from Steak and Onion to Pecan Tart: from £11.37, AbeBooks