A papercut you’ll want to receive!

Personalised, handmade papercut from Twenty Fingers | H is for Home

Hi guys! We’ve got a wonderful giveaway offer this month from Lana & Ivan over at Twenty Fingers.

We’ve recently had a wedding in the family – and we presented the happy the couple with this gorgeous, framed papercut to commemorate their big day.

You could go for the kettle, toaster or cruet set gift option, but we felt that this is a more personal choice. If you missed the big day, paper is the traditional 1st anniversary gift, so you’ve got a second bite of the cherry!

Detail of a personalised, handmade papercut from Twenty Fingers | H is for Home

A papercut can be displayed against a wall or window – and are a perfect reminder of a special occasion. It’s not all about weddings, though – it makes a great gift to yourself or others for all manner of event or celebration.

Detail of a personalised, handmade papercut from Twenty Fingers | H is for Home

Have a look around the Twenty Fingers website for ideas. You can choose any standard-size framed papercut with standard glass. Comment below about for whom and for what occasion you’d design your very own bespoke, hand-made papercut.

Twenty Fingers bespoke, hand-made paper cut

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Hillarys Crafternoon

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Making jewellery boxes at Hillarys Crafternoon

This Saturday, I jumped on the train to attend a Hillarys Crafternoon.

Ziferblat kitchen area

It was held at Ziferblat, located in the city’s Northern Quarter. I’d walked past the venue loads of times but had never been inside; I’ve been missing out!

The buffet area at Ziferblat

Their philosophy is that everything you consume is free – all food, drink and wi-fi… all you pay for is the time you spend there (currently 6p per minute).

Dogs relaxing at Ziferblat

Even well-behaved dogs are welcome!

Mood board for Hillarys new 'Jewel' fabric collection

The reason for the crafternoon was the launch of a new range of fabrics by Hillarys entitled ‘Jewel’.

Sunny, from Hillarys

Sunny was the representative from Hillarys. He not only told us a bit about the range, he got stuck in with the making as well.

Jana from Crafty Hen who led the Hillarys Crafternoon workshop

Jana from The Crafty Hen led the session. Funnily enough, I’ve known Jana for ages, but I’d not seen her for years!

Buttons, threads and ribbon for crafting

We had lots of lovely fabrics and trimmings from which to choose to make our items.

Jewellery box making materials Completed jewellery box

The first item was a jewellery box. It took me AGES – I was the last one to finish!

Making a Suffolk puff

After a tea (and cake!) break we embarked on making Suffolk puffs. These were fab – easy to make and looked great – I’ll be making them again!

Completed Suffolk puff on my handbag

I embellished mine with some ribbon… and awarded myself with a rosette for a great day of craftiness! 🙂

1Wall Creative Collage

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sheets of font characters from the 1Wall Creative Collage set

We just received this Creative Collage set from the lovely people at 1Wall.

1Wall Creative Collage box set

The box contains 64, A3 sized sheets with which to create random patterns or specific words & phrases.

1Wall Creative Collage box set

Possibilities are endless with a choice of typefaces, letters, numbers and symbols.

sheets of font characters from the 1Wall Creative Collage set

All the sheets can be applied en-mass to a feature wall or designs can be room-specific; food-related for a kitchen diner, bathing for the bathroom – or relaxation for a lounge or bedroom.

sheets of font characters from the 1Wall Creative Collage set spelling out Noel

We also think that they’re great for use as Christmas decorations – and we’ve been experimenting in our own house this week.

sheets of font characters from the 1Wall Creative Collage set spelling out Happy Xmas

They’re very easy to use. The sheets can be applied directly to the wall using the paste mixture supplied or mounted on movable & re-usable boards which adds a further dimension of flexibility.

sheets of font characters from the 1Wall Creative Collage set spelling out Happy Xmas

Perfect for both domestic or business use – retailers in particular might find them useful. They’re ideal for a shop space or market stall – spell out company names, product ranges, messages to your customers etc.

sheets of font characters from the 1Wall Creative Collage set spelling out H is for Home

It’s a wonderful Christmas present – the recipients can mull over ideas with a mince pie, then get creative in the New Year.

In addition to this Typography set you also have the choice of Cityscene and Map collage designs. If you’d like to give it a go yourself, just enter the promotional code ‘nuffnang15‘ (valid until 31 Jan 2015) which will give you 15% off purchases on the 1Wall website.


Charity Vintage: Cantilever sewing box

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vintage cantilever sewing box for sale by & in support of Isabel Hospice
(ends 26 Nov, 2014 20:13:12 GMT)

This vintage wooden cantilever sewing box (with a collection of threads and other haberdashery bits) is being sold by & in support of one of the charities we feature quite a lot here, Isabel Hospice*.

We’ve had quite a few of these pass through our shop over the years. Sewing has had something of a major renaissance in the past few years. Lots of talented people are even making an indie career out of it, selling on sites such as  Etsy, Folksy and Dawanda.

*Isabel Hospice is a charity needing to raise nearly £4 million per annum to provide their free services to the people of eastern Hertfordshire. Their ethos is that they treat the whole person, not simply the illness. They offer a complete hospice service through their team of Community Nurse Specialists, a 16-bed, in-patient hospice, a day hospice, outreach day hospices, hospice at home and a family support and bereavement service.

Etsy List: I’m Shattered!

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'I'm Shattered!' Etsy List curated by H is for HomeI’m Shattered!
Curated by H is for Home

Mosaic is one craft that I’ve always wanted to try out but never got around to doing. It’s fairly easy to do – or so it seems to me – and the financial outlay on materials isn’t huge. Mosaic can be made using pieces of wood, plastic, glass, stone or the usual ceramic. It’s been around for thousands of years BC.

Remember I said that I thought it was easy to do? Well, I scoured Etsy for homewares featuring mosaic and there was a lot of it available. But so much of it wasn’t terribly good! It looks like it’s not that easy to master after all! Here are some of the items whose quality of craftsmanship I aspire to be able to produce one day!

Etsy banner

Etsy List: You’re a Star!

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'You're a Star!' Etsy List by H is for Home

You’re a Star!
Curated by H is for Home

Last week we were glued to the new series of Stargazing over on BBC Two. It got us thinking about the popularity of the star as a motif in art, design and architecture. Just think of how many of the world’s flags contain one or more stars; the beauty of Van Gogh’s stunning Starry Night; and the 8-pointed star in Islamic architecture.

Here’s an Etsy List we put together of stars in interior decor & homewares.

Charity Vintage: Vulcan child’s sewing machine

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vintage Vulcan child's sewing machine for sale on eBay for Charity by & in support of CLIC Sargent
(ends 22 Jan, 2014 23:59:25 GMT)

We’ve sold a few of these vintage Vulcan child’s sewing machines in our shop – they always prove very popular. This example above is being sold on eBay for Charity by & in support of CLIC Sargent*.

It comes with all its accessories, instruction booklet and original box. I love the instruction where it says, “Thread cotton thus”! It’s available at the ‘buy it now’ price of £39.99 which includes postage and packing.

*CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and young people and their families. They provide clinical, practical and emotional support to help them cope with cancer and get the most out of life. They are there from diagnosis onwards and aim to help the whole family deal with the impact of cancer and its treatment, life after treatment and, in some cases, bereavement.