A trio of vintage rams

Vintage ram collection | H is for Home

In a recent Designer Desire post, Adelle mentioned her favourite Christmas present of the year. Today, Justin’s collection of presents are the focus. As you can see, there’s a bit of a theme. Being an Aries, a small herd of beautiful rams was a perfect gift. We thought that we’d share a few pics as we know there are lots of fellow fans of this type of vintage loveliness.

Vintage Rodney Peppé ram serving tray

First, this fabulous 1960s tin serving tray with artwork by Rodney Peppé. These 1960s Crown Merton trays aren’t easy to come by – and the ram in particular is an elusive creature.

Vintage Rodney Peppé ram serving tray

It’s one in a series which includes a peacock, tortoise, lion, tiger, squirrel and elephant; these are the ones that we’ve come across, anyway. Isn’t he a gorgeous fellow?!

Cover of a vintage "The Derby Ram" book by William Stobbs | H is for Home

Then there’s this rare, first edition copy of The Derby Ram by William Stobbs dating from 1975.

Page from a vintage "The Derby Ram" book by William Stobbs | H is for Home

A magnificent, giant ram is the star of this picture book. There are charming little rhymes accompanied by glorious illustrations. We’ll have to share some more of them at a later date.

Vintage Bernard Buffet ram artwork | H is for Home

Last, but very much not least, is an original lithograph by a favourite artist of ours – Bernard Buffet.

Vintage Bernard Buffet ram artwork | H is for Home

He’s a bit more subtle that his friends above, but just as gorgeous. In fact, we have a top floor lounge-cum-bedroom where colours are deliberately kept calm and muted – dark greys, creams, wood, leather, wicker – a bit of copper here and there. This fine gentleman will fit right in!

Designer Desire: Rodney Peppé

Mosaic of Rodney Peppé artworks | H is for Home

Rodney Peppé is a children’s book author and illustrator as well as being a paper artist and mechanical toy maker. He’s probably best know by young children of the late 80s to the present for his two series of books – Huxley Pig and Angelmouse.

We know him from the lovely vintage trays that he illustrated for Crown Merton – we’re lucky enough to have one with the peacock design.

His books and trays come up every so often on eBay, Etsy and Amazon . He doesn’t sell his toys. He does, however, have a book that teaches you how to build your own!

Rodney Peppé at his exhibition at the Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales - March 2013 © Echocredit

You can’t merely look at stills of Rodney Peppé’s automata, you don’t get the magic of the movement. So, have a look at the short film below to fully appreciate his skill and workmanship.

Additional image credits:

Ceridwen Hazelchild Design | Mission Art Gallery | Ruthin Craft Centre