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Cutting Edge!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

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Collection of boxed vintage Mills Moore cutlery

Anyone out there after some cutting-edge cutlery?

Collection of boxed vintage Mills Moore cutlery

We’ve just picked up five boxes of classic mid century modern flatware.

Collection of boxed vintage Mills Moore cutlery

There are six each of main course knives & forks, starter knives & forks – and spoons. That should cover lots of menu options!

Collection of boxed vintage Mills Moore cutlery

They’re stainless steel with teak handles.

Collection of boxed vintage Mills Moore cutlery

 We love the handle shape and grain of the wood.

Vintage Mills Moore cutlery mark
It was produced in the 1960s by Mills Moore of Sheffield – the steel city and home to some great cutlery makers. Other names that spring to mind include Viners, Mappin & Webb, Joseph Rodgers, Sanderson and Wolstenholm.

Design Centre logo on boxed vintage Mills Moore cutlery

It’s a wonderful design in terms of both material & form – and was selected by The Design Centre – always a good sign when collecting pieces from the era. The boxes are tatty, but the contents are in good condition. We’ll try and get them into our web shop this week – alternatively, drop us a line if you’re keen to fill that cutlery drawer!

Charity Vintage: Viners cutlery storage table

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

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Vintage Viners cutlery storage table for sale by & in support of British Heart Foundation(ends 20 Jul, 2014 21:08:18 BST)

We’ve not come across one of these before. A cutlery canteen, cum coffee table, cum cutlery storage. It looks to have been made or commissioned by Viners of Sheffield in the 1950s.

The table is for sale by & in support of British Heart Foundation* in Motherwell. It has lovely mid century modern styling… and you get what looks like a load of highly collectable vintage Viners Chelsea cutlery thrown in as a bonus! We did a little research and found that the last one similar to this sold for £95 – this one’s starting bid is £49.99.

*British Heart Foundation is the nation’s heart charity. They help save lives with information, patient care and pioneering research. With your support, they’re beating heart disease for good.


Friday, January 20th, 2012

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vintage slipware egg cup & saucer produced by TerryBaun with vintage Viners "Studio" teaspoon designed by Gerald Benney

We picked up this gorgeous little egg cup & saucer this week. It only cost a pound, but it’s one of those little items that we’re going to treasure. We’ve mentioned previously how much we love this type country slipware pottery.

vintage slipware egg cup produced by TerryBaun

We did a bit of research into the maker and it turns out that it’s by Terrybaun Pottery – one of the oldest, if not the oldest, craft potteries in Ireland. It was established by Madeleine & Grattan Freyer in the late 1940s. Our egg cup looks like it might be one of their quite early slipware pieces.

base of vintage slipware egg cup produced by TerryBaun showing impressed back stamp

Below are just a few examples of the slipware & scaffito pieces they produced in the 1950s/60s – the pictures are taken from the Irish Arts Review’s online archive – stunning!!

trio of vintage slipware bowls from the Terrybaun Pottery

long oval Terrybaun Pottery dish with scraffito decoration by Oisin Kelly depicting the Last Supper

The couple’s nephew, master potter Henri Hedou, alongside his wife Fiona, carries on the tradition – taking over the running of the Co Mayo pottery in 1983.

V is for… Viners

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Viners is renowned for its high quality stainless steel products.

The company was founded in 1901 by Adolf Viener.

Sheffield is the home of British steel manufacturing and Viners grew into the biggest cutlery factory in the city.

Ruben Viner, one of the founder’s sons, became the firms driving force, and it really prospered in the 1960s.

This period saw our favourite range of products with wonderful shapes & textures – by designers such as Gerald Benney and Stuart Devlin. Even the packaging looked great!!

Their cutlery ranges from this era such as Mosaic, Shape and Sable are now much sought after.




The stainless steel was sometimes combined with woods such as rosewood and teak…

…as in this fabulous ice bucket…

…or these Polynesian teaspoons.

The company invested in a modern factory in Sheffield with subsidiaries in Ireland, France and Australia. Unfortunately, this major investment was to be the firm’s undoing. Crippling loan repayments at a time of stiff competition from cheaper, Far Eastern imports saw the family-run business close in 1982.

The brand is now owned by US-based Oneida, the world’s largest cutlery company.

There are some great vintage pieces out there – have a look at H is for Home’s current Viners pieces.

L is for…

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

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Vintage stainless steel Lundtofte coffee set

We picked up this fabulous coffee set last weekend.

vintage stainless steel Lundtofte coffee pot vintage stainless steel Lundtofte coffee set

That made our minds up about what L should be for!

vintage stainless steel Lundofte ice bucket vintage stainless steel Lundtofte ice bucket

Danish company Lundtofte produced high quality, stainless steel pieces – predominantly kitchen & dining wares, but also some decorative household objects.

close up of Lundtofte manufacturer's label

They used top quality materials and manufacturing techniques – stainless steel often combined with teak and rosewood.

vintage stainless steel Lundtofte sauceboat

There are some fantastic, mid-century modern designs to be found by designers such as Tias Eckhoff, Eric Herlow and Lone Sachs.

vintage Lundtofte 'Opus' cutlery set vintage Lundtofte 'Opus" cutlery set

vintage Lundtofte chaffing dish

vintage Lundtofte salt & pepper set vintage Lundtofte salt & pepper pots

We have a few examples of Lundtofte for sale at the moment at H is for Home- have a look!

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Yahoo Japan (kealoha)

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