Etsy List: Winter Solstice

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Winter Solstice Etsy List curated by H is for Home

It’s the 21st of December today – the winter solstice or, if we’re being pedantic, it happens at exactly 4:48am tomorrow morning. I for one am looking forward to a little more light in my life!

It’s a day (or night) that has been celebrated for millennia by people around the world. From the druids at Stonehenge to the family gatherings for the Dongzhi Festival in China.

Many of the winter solstice customs are intertwined with those of Christmas. The pagan Scandinavian celebration of ‘Jul’ or Yule celebrates the god, Odin – who, with his long white beard, bears a striking resemblance to Father Christmas.

Winter Solstice
Curated by H is for Home

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Gimme Five! Advent calendars

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Selection of 5 advent calendars

Advent starts on Sunday so you only have a couple of days left to get your hands on your advent calendars! They’ve been around since the 19th century and are traditionally used to celebrate the run up to, and prepare for, Christmas Day.

It wasn’t always about scoffing a chocolate a day – although I wholeheartedly agree with that undertaking – the 24 compartments once held a different bible verse, prayer or poem. How about filling them with something different and unique – handmade sweets, a daily artwork, ‘activity’ coupons or individual figures to slowly make up a nativity set? I like the idea of filling each of mine with an advent candle – or little scented tea lights like these from IKEA.

  1. Reusable fabric advent calendar – Christmas tree: £40.76, Etsy
  2. The Advent Calendar – Truffles for Two: £26, Hotel Chocolat
  3. Wooden LED lit advent calendar by The Forest & Co: £29.50, Notonthehighstreet
  4. Wooden Houses advent calendar: £40, John Lewis
  5. Susanne Kaufmann 2015 advent calendar – £99, Liberty

Flavour of the Month

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group of vintage month mugs produced by Hornsea Pottery | H is for Home

We’ve been sorting through a huge box of Hornsea Pottery that lives in our loft.

vintage "April" mug produced by Hornsea Pottery | H is for Home detail from a vintage "April" mug produced by Hornsea Pottery showing sweethearts on a park bench | H is for Home

Amongst the collection are these fabulous love mugs.

vintage "July" mug produced by Hornsea Pottery | H is for Home detail from a vintage "July" mug produced by Hornsea Pottery showing a man and a mermaid sunbathing | H is for Home

There are 12 great designs – each corresponds to a month of the year and shows a young couple in a characteristic scene from that month – bonfire night for November, rain showers for April etc.

vintage "November" mug produced by Hornsea Pottery | H is for Home detail from a vintage "November" mug produced by Hornsea Pottery showing a girl pushing a wheelbarrow holding a guy on Fireworks Night | H is for Home

They were designed by Kenneth Townsend for Hornsea Pottery in the 1970s.

vintage "December" mug produced by Hornsea Pottery | H is for Home detail from a vintage "December" mug produced by Hornsea Pottery showing a couple riding a reindeer | H is for Home

We’re adding to the set gradually – an even bigger box might be required… or more shelves!!

You can find out more about Hornsea Love mugs on the official Kenneth Townsend website. Oh, and if you have any Hornsea pottery items, we founded a Hornsea Pottery Collectors group on Flickr that you can sign up to!

Winter wonderland

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footprints across a snowy field

Hope you all had a great Christmas.

close up of snow-covered red berries close up of snow-covered black berries

We’ve had picturesque, snowy landscapes in these parts…

cottage on Todmorden Edge in the snow

farm on Todmorden Edge in the snow

looking down on the railway line with grass in the foreground

…this meant lovely walks throughout the holidays…

flock of sheep in a snowy landscape

flock of sheep in a snowy landscape

..with crackling fires, hot tea & mulled wine on our returns home.

Statue of a bird and fir trees in a snowy landscape

It made this year’s Christmas very special.

snow-covered branches

snow-covered trees in Centre Vale Park, Todmorden

We remembered to take our camera out with us quite a lot and captured some of the stunning scenery…

Todmorden Town centre in the snow

snow-covered gravestones in Todmorden Unitarian churchyard

…and we even have a bit of action footage to share with you!!

Thanks for all your support & encouragement throughout 2009.

snow covered seed head and trees in the background

Wishing you all the very best for the year (and decade) ahead.

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Out & about… December

We’ve got some lovely winter scenes to share with you this month.

December saw the first of the winter frost…

…followed closely by the first winter snowfall.

Fudge loves it when it snows!

He’s not the only one – we find going for walks in scenery like this quite magical!

On clear days the low winter sun gives a beautiful light…

…amazing skies…

…and some memorable sunsets…

We took these next photos at the annual Christmas Market in Manchester city centre.

So many tempting things on offer…

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas… best wishes for 2009!