5 interior design tips to spruce up your living room for 2018

5 interior design tips to spruce up your living room for 2018

The start of a new year is arguably the best time to set goals for your personal and professional life, so why not reflect positive change in your home as well? It turns out that your home surroundings have a significant impact on your mental state. A well-styled home that aligns with your personal tastes will be a more relaxing, happy environment for you to enjoy.

The hub of many households is the living room, making it the perfect spot to freshen up. Not only will you appreciate the fruits of your labours, but your guests and loved ones will be able to as well. Thankfully, revamping your living room interior doesn’t have to involve serious renovations or a background in interior design.

Here are 5 tips for refreshing your living room space effectively and without any intrusive remodelling.

Modern decorated sitting room

Give your living room a beautiful foundation

When you think about giving your living room a new look it is easy to forget one of the biggest statements in this space – the floor. Your choice of flooring can make an otherwise beautiful living room feel drab, aged or even visually cluttered. Rather than fight with your floor, consider the option of having it removed and replaced with a material that will serve as a beautiful foundation to the rest of the space’s style.

A wonderful choice of flooring that is growing in popularity is modified wood. Modified wood is a real wood product that is sustainably manufactured and free of questionable chemicals so common in residential wood flooring. Modified wood is incredibly smooth and available in clear or high character boards, depending on whether you like the look of natural knots or prefer a plain look. Modified wood is about as durable of a wood floor as you can get.

Diptych artwork on a sitting room wall

Finish your walls with personal photographs and art

Wall art can make or break a room. Many pro interior decorators are well-aware of how important wall art is, especially when it comes to putting personalized finishing touches in a space. Since the living room is an area often used for entertainment and gathering, placing personal photographs or unique art here is ideal.

Rather than dealing with printing photographs yourself and then trying to find frames, opt for custom canvas prints instead. Custom printed canvas is attractively chic and casual, adapting to essentially any type of home design style you can think of. They are also lightweight and fairly easy to hang.

Brown corner sofa in a sitting room

Invest in matching furniture that showcases your tastes

Certain design styles like bohemian and shabby chic may look mismatched, but even these very flowing aesthetics still need to have some sort of cohesive look when it comes to furniture. Furniture is often the biggest statement piece in a room when it comes to personal fixtures. Not only is the style of furniture important, but also the quality.

Forget about trying to get by with boring or cheap looking particle board furniture pieces and invest in a matching set. Real wood furniture is always a good option and if you select attractively simple designs, like those you’d find in a Amish living room furniture set, you’ll be surprised at how versatile it can be. A Mission couch, coffee table and a couple of chairs can fit in essentially any living room, whether you’re going for a industrial or an urban modern effect.

Sitting room with weathered, wood clad walls

Capture the warmth and texture of weathered wood

Weathered, aged wood is highly sought after for its warm appearance and texture that faux products often fail to replicate. While you can find this type of wood used for many interior design projects consider the idea of using reclaimed wood wall panels in your living room.

Rather than going the usual route of painting an accent wall, cover that wall in reclaimed wood instead. Ideally this will serve as a backdrop to your main seating area, such as behind your sofa, though you really can get as imaginative with this product as you’d like. A huge advantage of this type of panelling is that you can have it installed right over your existing walls.

Wood clad sitting room wall

Add sleek minimalist touches with bamboo

Another natural material that offers a bit of a different vibe is bamboo. If you like the idea of wood panelling but want a very sleek, modern look try bamboo panels instead. Bamboo doesn’t just offer a cleaner look than most wood, but even just as a material it is very versatile.

You can use bamboo panels as wall art or a tropical-esque backdrop to a built-in. You can even use bamboo veneer to cover tables, entertainment centres or floating shelves. If you’re striving for a green home and are concerned over organic material sustainability, you’ll also appreciate the fact that bamboo is a more responsible material than new wood.

With a little creativity and enthusiasm you can easily make your living room feel like a whole new space.


Get their look: Black on black kitchen

Black on black kitchencredit

Most people would think it a bold move to decide on having a black kitchen. In fact, it can be a sensible, practical and downright attractive option. Just look at the results here! The owners of this London family home are architects, Jane Heath and Jeremy Walker.

We especially like the matt black tiled splash-back above the nearly-black gloss units. The stainless steel cooker hood, utensils and other accessories work extremely well against the Farrow & Ball painted wall. The white worktop offers a bit of contrast and reflected light.

  1. RINHULT kitchen components
  2. Poul Henningsen PH 5 pendant light, white matte
  3. UDDEN wall-mounted extractor hood
  4. Farrow & Ball Off-Black No.57 Matt Estate Emulsion paint
  5. Alessi Officina Richard Sapper melodic kettle 9091
  6. Chicken wire egg basket
  7. Georg Jensen Copenhagen Candle Holder
  8. Cornishware red & white stripe stoneware set of 4 egg cups
  9. Wooden mint-coloured pepper mill / grinder

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Get their look: Black on black kitchen | H is for Home

Get their look: Historic Welsh holiday cottage

Historic Welsh holiday cottagecredit

Have you ever noticed how in January, you begin to see lots of television ads for holiday companies? It’s a time of year when everyone has Christmas fatigue, cold weather fatigue and probably ‘Dry January’ fatigue as well! What better way to get ourselves out of that fug than booking a week away?

We were browsing one of those holiday company websites when we came across this historic Welsh holiday cottage. Located between the remote beaches of Abermawr and Aberbach in Pembrokshire, the cottage once served as a hut for storing cables back in the early days of international telephone communication. You’ll find little nods to its previous life in the cable spool coffee table and other vintage industrial homewares and furniture. Eye-catching, locally-produced, Melin Tregwynt woollen textiles are dotted throughout the cottage bringing flashes of colour and texture, whilst also softening the hard surfaces of the space.

Our finger is hovering over the ‘book’ button!

  1. Customised Welsh signs
  2. Vintage roadworks lamp
  3. Concrete table lamp
  4. Glass storage jar with rope handle
  5. Melin Tregwynt ‘Mondo’ cushion, red
  6. Melin Tregwynt ‘Madison’ cushion, red
  7. Metal basket on wheels
  8. Red & white stripe throw
  9. John Lewis The Basics Alpha bed frame, double, grey

Get their look: Historic Welsh holiday cottage | H is for Home

Get a handle on this voucher!

Win a £50 Handle King voucher | H is for Home

Happy new year, everyone! Our first competition of 2018 is a £50 voucher from the lovely folks over at Handle King.

Copper door furniture from Handle King | H is for Home

We love their selection of copper hardware – metallic home accessories are very on trend. It really gives a classy finish to black or dark grey doors and cabinets.

Copper handles on dark grey kitchen drawers and doors

We may be highlighting their beautiful copper collection however, you can spend your £50 voucher on absolutely anything from their extensive range of door & drawer handles, pulls, locks, hooks, hinges, escutcheons etc.

So whether you’re doing a large refurbishment or just fancy a quick cosmetic update this is a great opportunity.

Our competition runs until midnight on the 31st of January and we’ll randomly draw our winner on the 1st of February. To enter, leave us a comment saying what kind of door furniture your home needs.

£50 Handle King voucher

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The ultimate guide to staying cosy at home this winter

The ultimate guide to staying cosy at home this winter

A lot of us cringe at the thought of winter rolling in – bored little ones kept in during the day, ice on the windscreen and the never-ending quest for heat. It’s easy to forget the good stuff, yet flannel pyjama sets, open fires and Christmas crafts are just a few other things that only winter can bring. With their help, there are tons of ways to fend the chill off this winter and keep us cosy and warm all the way through to spring.

If you’re one of those people that has yet to fall in love with winter, here are a few tips on staying cosy during this year’s chilly season.


Cosy up with crafts

When temperatures drop outside it’s only natural to want to stay in, but that doesn’t mean all activity should stop. Little brains especially need some stimulation if you want to avoid a serious case of cabin fever – that’s where Christmas crafts come in. Decorating ornaments, baking biscuits or even just knitting or working on watercolours by yourself will keep your hands moving and the boredom at bay.

Roaring fire

Gather round an open fire

There’s nothing that says cosy winter nights quite like an open fire. They’re warm, they smell gorgeous and best of all, they’re dazzling to look at. If you don’t have a hearth or a log-burner, not to worry – cranking up the heat and turning your TV to a fireplace channel works pretty well too.

Reading a book with a hot chocolate

Crack open a winter read

With little ones running around, there often isn’t a lot of time leftover to read. But once they head off to bed, take a few minutes to snuggle up on the sofa before you doze off yourself and dive into a good book. If you can’t be somewhere warm this winter, you can at least read about somewhere that is.

Ladies nightwear from Tu

Spring for some cute PJ sets

If we’re going to be doing cosy activities, we should be wearing cosy clothes. Flannel, faux fur-trimmed and covered in a cute print are the only ways to go as far as women’s nightwear this winter is concerned. The nightwear from Tu at Sainsbury’s ticks all the right boxes – just make sure you don’t forget the slippers.

Hot black coffee

Always have a hot drink nearby

By ‘hot drink’ we preferably mean those that are spiced, drenched in chocolate and come with a little alcohol splashed in for good measure – at least once the kids have gone to sleep. While open fires keep our houses heated this winter, hot drinks promise to keep our hearts nice and warm.

Water-filled bath

Indulge in a bath when you can

Again, we know this one isn’t always easy with kids running around – especially little ones that wouldn’t mind climbing into the bath with you. But if you can take a few moments every other week or so to run a hot bath and just relax, preferably with one of Lush’s sweet-smelling Christmas bath bombs or oils, your winter nerves will thank you for it. You might even get to squeeze in some time for that winter read, too.

Roast chicken dinner

Embrace the roast dinner

Roast dinners are incredible all year-round – they’re the ultimate comfort food, in our opinion – but there’s something about having one in the winter that just feels right. We’re not saying to indulge in gravy puddles, cranberry sauce and hearty meat every Sunday – though every once in a while isn’t bad, right? If you’re looking for something a little less strenuous, a healthy roast or home-made soup will keep you warm all winter long.

There you have it – bring on the frost. How will you keep cosy this winter?


4 things to consider when redecorating your bedroom

4 things to consider when redecorating your bedroom

Redecorating your bedroom may seem like a simple, straightforward decision at first, but it can involve a lot of logistics. If you want something impressive that will stand out, or that makes your bedroom more functional and conducive to sleep, there are some things you’ll have to consider before you start. Here are some of the things you have to know when redecorating your bedroom.

Bright red bedroom wall with black iron bed head

Will the colour still be in style years from now?

Colour is probably the most important thing you’ll have to decide upon before you do anything. It will set the tone for the whole room and dictate what kind of furniture with which you’ll be decorating it. It’s essential that you don’t just choose a colour because it’s trendy since you might have difficulty not only sleeping in it, but finding bedroom furniture in your colour as well. This is why you should go with classics unless you have no issue with switching colours every few years.

Heavy bedroom curtains

Are these curtains conducive to good sleep?

One of the main purposes of curtains is to provide you with the proper light levels for a good night’s sleep. Sure, we all want our curtains to look stylish, but unless they can perform this important purpose, they’re pretty much useless. Make sure that the curtains don’t clash with the other colours and textures in the room, but also make sure that they have the proper thickness as well.

Girl's bedroom with wall art

What’s the room’s focal point?

There’s nothing that can spruce up the look of a bedroom like a good focal point. And this isn’t simply limited to bedrooms, any room will feel incomplete without a clear focal point.

Most would assume that the bed should automatically be the focal point of your bedroom. However, a focal point could be anything, such as a nice piece of art for instance. You can construct a whole room around a piece of art – from the colour of the walls through to the bedding. This will give the room a great sense of cohesiveness. You could also go for something a little bit more extravagant, like a nice chandelier for instance. Whatever you choose as a focal point, make sure that it’s special and stands out.

Bright, white bedding

What kind of bedding will I be using?

This may seem like a simple question however, the way you choose your bedding will have a profound effect on the overall look of your room. Most people would be content with picking a generic, pre-made matching bedding set. But if you want to make it extra special, it would be better to choose pieces from various sets. This will allow you to come up with something more unique and mix & match textures to give the room that extra oomph.

Redecorating your bedrooms needs proper planning if you want your efforts to be focused and the end result to be cohesive. If you take the few points above into consideration before starting your project, you should be able to come up with great ideas for your next bedroom.