Forthcoming Attractions: Mid June 2016

Trio of vintage homewares: Orange plastic pop art lampshade, Blue Carstens West German pottery vase, Blue Cathrineholm Lotus enamel coffee pot | H is for Home

We’ve acquired some lovely vintage homeware pieces in the last week or so – and there’s been lots of photographing and listing to do. Here’s a selection of our favourite recent additions.

Blue vintage Carstens West German vase | H is for Home Orange plastic vintage pop art lampshade | H is for Home

Vintage wooden tabletop cantilever sewing box | H is for Home Blue vintage Cathrineholm Lotus coffee pot | H is for Home

Vintage blue & green bird patterned curtains | H is for Home Vintage Denby 'Trees' cup & saucer | H is for Home

Vintage hand painted pottery piggy bank | H is for Home Vintage Babycham tea towel | H is for Home

We like to split items between the web shop, eBay shop and physical shop space so have been busy in the this month!

This mid century modern shelving unit was bought at auction recently. It’s for sale of course, but it also provides the perfect backdrop for other objects from the same era – pottery, lamps and so on.

H is for Home vintage homewares at Picture House Antiques in Todmorden | H is for Home

As always, if you see anything that takes your fancy, just drop us a line.








Tibor Reich exhibition

Tibor Reich tapestry | H is for Home

Last week, I made an all too rare visit to Manchester; I was meeting a friend at the Whitworth to view the Tibor Reich exhibition.

Tibor Reich exhibition room at the Whitworth in Manchester | H is for Home

Tibor Reich mural at the Whitworth in Manchester | H is for Home

Tigoware sketch by Tibor Reich displayed at the Whitworth

Tibor Reich Tigo-Ware 'Florence' and 'Espanola' vases | H is for Home

It was wonderful seeing his work ‘in the flesh’ so to speak, rather than in books or on the internet, to appreciate the scale. The ‘Florence’ Tigo-Ware vase on the left of the photo above is over a foot tall.

Examples of Tigo-Ware designed by Tibor Reich and produced by Denby Pottery in the 1950s | H is for Home

Tibor Reich designed ceramic tiles | H is for Home

His black & white sgraffito designs are very eye-catching and distinctive.

Ceramic ashtrays designed by Tibor Reich | H is for Home

Apparently, he designed and produced these keyhole-shaped ashtrays as presents for friends one Christmas. I’ve never seen one on the open market, they’re absolutely beautiful!

Ceramic ashtray designed by Tibor Reich | H is for Home

Tibor Reich pen & ink sketches | H is for Home

A lot of his ceramic work is concerned with the female form and visage – my friend and I wondered whether his wife Freda, who was pictured in many of the photographs in the exhibition, acted as his muse.

Colour sketches of women by Tibor Reich | H is for Home

A displat of tools and other objects used by Tibor Reich | H is for Home

Tibor Reich's sitting room which he designed himself | H is for Home

Reich may be best known for his textiles (his designs were on the seats of Concorde and the QE II), however his practice was multifaceted. Ceramics, fine art, photography… he even designed his own home including the ‘flaming onion’ fire in his sitting room, shown above.


A photo posted by TIBOR (@tiborreich) on

Tibor Reich: Art of Colour and Texture, shown above, was published earlier this month to accompany the exhibition. It can be purchased here (£35.00). The Tibor Reich exhibition runs until August 2016, so you still have lots of time to check it out – it’s well worth it! If you can’t get to Manchester, the University of Leeds (where he studied) have a huge archive of his textile work which can be viewed online.

Wallpaper display at the Whitworth in Manchester | H is for Home

In an adjoining room, there was an exhibition of vintage wallpaper (which runs until the 4th of September 2016). With the room’s huge, tall walls the long rolls were shown off to spectacular effect.

Wallpaper display at the Whitworth in Manchester | H is for Home

Although I loved most of the designs, it also made me realise how overpowering some of the patterns would be if all four walls in a room were papered. A small feature wall would suffice!

Vintage 'Promenade' wallpaper sample | H is for Home

There were display cabinets of wallpaper samples – here are two of my favourites.

Vintage wallpaper sample with birds pattern | H is for Home

Forthcoming Attractions: Late April 2013

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selection of vintage homewares soon to be available on the H is for Home webshop, eBay shop or Picture House Antiques pitch

We’ve got a varied selection of vintage homewares heading for the shop again this month.

child's blue Vulcan sewing machine and other children's games soon to be available on the H is for Home webshop

There are some lovely children’s items. Various vintage games with beautifully illustrated boards & cards – and this gorgeous little Vulcan sewing machine which looks virtually unused. Of course they don’t have to be the preserve of the nursery or play room. We’ve got vintage children’s books & games dotted all over the house. Some of the artwork can be just superb.

vintage Denby Pottery "trees" lidded soup bowl soon to be available on the H is for Home webshop

Moving onto more grown-up matters and a bit of Denby Pottery – two of our favourite patterns as it happens. Namely ‘Arabesque’, designed by Gill Pemberton in the form of this gigantic coffee pot. Also an example of the very hard to find ‘Trees’ pattern with this purple lidded soup bowl. The shape is also attributed to Gill Pemberton, but the fantastic psychedelic pattern with it’s candy striped ploughed fields & spotty sky is the work of Diana Woodcock Beckering. It was only produced for one year, hence its rarity.

vintage blue Cathrineholm Lotus kettle soon to be available on the H is for Home webshop

Another pottery pattern that we’ve always liked is “Fiesta” by Barker Bros, with its utensil & crockery outline design – very 1950s in feel and similar in style to the classic ‘Homemaker’ range. It sits alongside the Cathrineholm kettle in this photo. Mid century modern fans will know that the designer was Grete Prytz Kittelson, but that’s only half the story. She was indeed responsible for the shape & colour – in fact she preferred to leave them plain, but the company decided to add the repeat ‘Lotus’ leaf design. This was the work of Arne Clausen – he doesn’t always get the credit, so we like to give him a mention.

olive green vintage lidded saucepan soon to be available on the H is for Home webshop

This enamel pan is unmarked and we’ve not tracked down a maker/designer as yet. It dates from the 1960s/70s and is a lovely deep olive green colour – the contrasting orange lid finial is a nice touch. It sits on some floral fabric from the same era. It’s a pair of curtains to be accurate – ready to hang as they are or perfect for up-cycling into all manner of vintage, crafty loveliness.

vintage industrial hang up work lamp soon to be available on the H is for Home webshop

Next we have a bit of industrial chic which Justin is very much into at the moment. This work lamp was produced by a company called Nettle and dates to the 1940s or 50s. It’s got a great look with hard rubber casing and the sculptural wire cage to protect the bulb – and there’d be no need to worry about it reaching the desired location from your plug socket as the lead is about 30 feet long!!

view of the base of a vintage milk bottle soon to be available on the H is for Home webshop

You’ll notice a very sweet little vintage milk bottle next to the lamp – it even has its original paper lid asking for bottles to be returned. We think a group of vintage milk bottles looks lovely on a windowsill, the sunlight highlighting the different shapes & colours. They also look great with a few cut flowers in – anyone out there live in Cottenham?

selection of vintage homewares soon to be available on the H is for Home webshop, eBay shop or Picture House Antiques pitch

Last but not least is the side table that the items are all sitting on. The blonde wood looks like beech and the table has classic 1950s styling – the kidney-shaped top sitting above three splayed legs. We’ve actually got a pair of these which is very desirable. They’re just missing a penguin paperback, lamp and nice cup of tea!

Forthcoming Attractions: May 2011

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new items at H is for Home, May 2011 including vintage Arabia plate, 1950s aluminium flour, sugar and cereal storage tins, T G Green pottery storage jars and green pottery fish plate

Here are some of our favourite recent purchases – picked up at auction & flea markets over the past couple of weeks.

new items at H is for Home, May 2011 including vintage child's sewing machine in original box, Hornsea pottery owl mug and aluminium measuring cup

Items range from a 19th century country Windsor chair to 1970s alarm clock. There’s some lovely pottery including a large Arabia plate and 1950s handpainted pieces by Glyn Colledge. Also a nice selection of vintage kitchenalia and the best child’s sewing machine we’ve ever come across! For a full listing see below.

selection of new vintage items 1n the H is for Home shop

  1. antique stickback Windsor chair
  2. Campden Pottery dish decorated with an incised cockerel figure
  3. child’s 1950s Vulcan sewing machine
  4. trio of 1970s T G Green tea, coffee & sugar containers
  5. aluminium measuring cup
  6. wooden perpetual desk calendar
  7. Hornsea Pottery owl mug
  8. large Arabia plate designed by Raija Uosikkinen
  9. hand painted Glyn Colledge/Langley Pottery vase
  10. lemon yellow alarm clock
  11. vintage 1950s Tala aluminium flour, sugar and cereal canisters
  12. striped pottery oil/vinegar pot
  13. handmade Eldfast Hoganas Keramik fish plate
  14. hand painted Glyn Colledge/Denby Pottery atomic pin dish
  15. atomic, wall mountable wire plant pot holder

We’re hoping to make this a regular post. It will enable us preview items about to hit the shop – and also share with you photos of goodies that might just take that bit longer to be prised away.

D is for… Denby

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Group of vintage Denby Pottery Arabesque tableware

The name Denby Pottery is synonymous with good quality, hard-wearing British tableware.

Denby Pottery plate 'Potter's Wheel' pattern Detail of Denby Pottery plate 'Ode' pattern
Potters Wheel
(left) Ode (right)

It has to be admitted that there are a few, fairly drab ranges. But in amongst the company’s production there have been some outstanding designs.

Vintage Denby Pottery teapot 'Chevron' patternMetal-handled teapot in the Chevron pattern. Designed by Gill Pemberton in 1961

We love the work of Gill Pemberton, also Glyn Colledge, David Yorath and Thelma Hague. The output during the twenty year period spanning the mid 50s to the mid 70s was particularly strong.

Vintage Denby Pottery studio bowl Detail of vintage Denby Pottery studio bowl
Studio bowl by Glyn Colledge

At their height, the designs were original and exciting in terms of both decoration and shape.

Vintage Denby Pottery Arabesque fruit bowlFruit bowl in the Arabesque pattern. Another hugely successful Gill Pemberton design.

Vintage Denby Pottery 'Trees' lidded soup bowlThe hard-to-find Trees pattern

Other highly collectable, popular ranges to look out for are Rondo, Stone and Teak, Gypsy, Westbury, Bokhara and Kismet.

To find out more about Denby designs, the following book is highly recommended – full of information and colour illustrations.

Denby Pottery 1809-1997: Dynasties and Designers

Visit this page for a brief history of Denby