Allotment Diary: The Big Dig

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baby blackbird in foliage

It was good to get back on to our allotment after days of rain. Having said that, it was a tough day with plenty of digging!!

garden spade

We were clearing a new bed at the sunnier end of the site.

baby blackbird on a pile of bricks

We’re still uncovering lots of old bricks which will come in useful for more path & border building. The growing pile provided a nice perch for today’s feathered visitor – a gorgeous baby blackbird.

detail of baby blackbird in foliage

He looked as if he had only just fledged. He hung around for a while – we even threw him a couple of small worms which he ate gratefully. Eventually, he toddled off to under the gooseberry bushes in the direction of his parents’ calls.

planted out tomato plants on our allotment

It was a case of four hours of digging, ten minutes of planting today. The only things we put into the soil, apart from a spade, were half a dozen tomato plants donated by a kindly neighbour. They’re an outdoor variety, but it will be interesting to see what kind of crop we get on our relatively shady allotment – and how ripe they get.