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Etsy List: Weimaraner love

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

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selection of Weimaraner-themed items on Etsy

Weimaraner Love
curated by H is for Home

Once again, Fudge is throwing a tantrum. “I WANT AN ETSY LIST!”, he howled.

“OK, OK!”, we relent. “What do you want to do?”, we begged.

“Everybody loves a Weimaraner!”, he wimpered.

“Have it on our desk by Monday morning!”, we barked.

You get the picture…

Gimme Five: Dog beds

Friday, January 31st, 2014

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selection of 5 large dog beds

Fudge needs a new dog bed. His current wicker one is falling apart. It’s probably because it gets carried up and down the stairs numerous times per day. Fudge doesn’t know the feeling of bare floorboards against his bare backside – and he’d like to keep it that way!

  1. Danish Design Heritage houndstooth snuggle bed 89cm (35″): £45.19, PetShopBowl
  2. Divan Wellness dog sofa – brown: £89.90, Zooplus
  3. Earthbound luxury tweed & waterproof bed: 94.99, Muddy Paws
  4. Beaumont large pet bed by Plush Pet Beds: £159, Notonthehighstreet
  5. FleeceLock™ wraparound dog bed: £125, Orvis

Christmas Countdown: Fudge’s choice

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

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Selection of dog-related, canine Christmas items

Fudge insists one being given the opportunity to voice (bark?) his opinion on canine Christmas matters, so we’ve allowed him to guest edit this penultimate Christmas Countdown post.

He’s scoured the internet and wishes to share his findings with his doggie buddies. We are pleased to bring you his carefully curated collection…

  1. Party dog Christmas decoration by Horsfall & Wright: £12, Notonthehighstreet
  2. Pair of 2 Rudolf sausage dog decorations by Miss Shelly Designs: £17, Notonthehighstreet
  3. William Wegman’s Fay’s Twelve Days of Christmas DVD: £62.51, Amazon
  4. Tillsammans x-mas poster: £20, Scandinavian Design Center
  5. Lily’s Kitchen turkey with cranberry Christmas dog treats: £2.99, Monster Pet Supplies
  6. Santa & Rudolph reindeer bandana: £3.20, PetsPyjamas
  7. Joy to the World ‘Give a Dog A Bone’ ornament: £19.41, Saks Fifth Avenue
  8. Good Boy dog luxury Christmas stocking: £6.99, Seapets
  9. Good Boy Christmas dog Santa coat: £5.99-£9.69, Monster Pet Supplies

Wednesday Wish: Hello my name is…

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

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"Hello my name is..." pet ID tag
“Hello my name is” pet ID tag: $9.99, eBay

We finally got round to buying a new collar for Fudge this weekend – the old one had popped off a couple of times recently leaving us holding on to a dangling empty lead! He also lost his ID tag some months ago somewhere up in the Pennine hills so now’s a good time to replace that as well.

We love the red square “Hello my name is” tag that’s designed to look like those naff stickers you get stuck to your lapel on arrival at a conference.

Pumpkin Dog Food + Treats Recipes
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Doggie draught excluder

Monday, February 4th, 2013

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dachshund-shaped draught excluder handmade in Harris tweed by Queenie on Notonthehighstreet

We already have one dog that guards the door. Fudge our Weimaraner is ever alert to everything – from potential intruders to the morning post – reacting with equal madness to both! But just in case he needs back-up, here’s his new partner.

dashund shaped draught excluder handmade in Harris tweed by Queenie on Notonthehighstreet still wrapped in its plastic packaging

It’s always good to receive items in the post that combine excellent packaging with that nice personal touch. Once released, he was ready for action. In addition to assisting Fudge in the security detail, his main duty will of course be to keep out those nasty winter draughts!

dtail of postcard enclosed with the dashund shaped draught excluder handmade in Harris tweed by Queenie on Notonthehighstreet

We found our new doggie draught excluder in Queenie by Margo Elder’s shop on Notonthehighstreet. He’s beautifully handmade from genuine Harris tweed and comes in a variety of colourways. Here he is pictured with a few of his friends.

multicoloured collection of dashund shaped, Harris tweed  draught excluders handmade in Harris tweed by Queenie on Notonthehighstreet

Margo Elder is just one of thousands of independent traders to be found at Notonthehighstreet. So if you’re looking for those individual household touches or a special gift, it’s a must visit site.


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