Thinking outside the box to market your online furniture store

Thinking outside the box to market your online furniture store

If you want conventional results, think conventionally and you’ll get them. However, if you want exceptional results, you’re going to have to explore nonconformity. In other words, if you’re trying to stand out in the world of e-commerce home furnishings, thinking outside the box to market your online furniture store will get you there. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

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Zag when everyone else zigs

Of course, all of the players in your space have websites, but how many of them have a branded app to automate some aspect of the home décor process? Better still, how many of them are thinking of logically alternative places in which to advertise the existence of said application? Sure, they all advertise on decorating websites and home lifestyle websites. But when you think about it, people buying homes and moving into new apartments are the ones most likely to need new or additional furnishings.

Advertise your app as a home decorating tool on real estate sites and apartment rental sites. Partner with estate agents and leasing agents to offer new home-owners and tenants an exclusive discount when they use your application. In other words, look for logical places to be, where your competition isn’t going. When everyone else zigs… zag. This moves you beyond the cluttered spaces in which everyone in your business is trying to garner attention.

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Put your own twist on a successful concept

Rather than sticking with the tried & tested methods endemic to the furniture business, look around at what marketers in other industries are doing to see what you might be able to apply to yours. For example, Marshalls looked at the boards of its Pinterest followers then had YouTube and social influencers deliver items from their lists to their homes. The company captured the reactions of the recipients, posted them to social media and it became the marketing campaign known as ‘Marshalls Pin Pals’. Think of ways your business can tweak and apply this type of idea.

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Seek new solutions to traditional problems

As you’re considering how to start a furniture store, finding new solutions to the drawbacks of selling furniture online and basing your marketing around them will set you apart from your competitors. An outstanding example of this in the furniture business is the ‘mattress in a box’ concept. One of the most difficult pieces of furniture to ship, the sheer size of a mattress makes it real burden. Companies now offer compression machines capable of drawing all of the air out of a mattress, which reduces the size and makes it less costly to ship. The air seeps back when the mattress is removed from the box, returning it to its original size. This will also work for comforters, pillows and other bulky air-filled items. Ideas like this one will give you a unique selling position to exploit.

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Think outer space

Treat every idea like a good idea when you’re thinking outside the box to market your online furniture store. Write every thought down and give each one serious consideration. What might at first seem to be the most ridiculous notion could well turn out to be the best idea you’ve ever had. Go beyond the norm when brainstorming – think in ‘outer space’. After all, if you aim for the cosmos and fall short you could land on a cloud of your very own. If your dreams are ‘grounded’ in reality, you’ll always be on the ground – with everybody else.

Granny Glittens and Her Amazing Mittens!

'The Tall Book of Christmas' book cover illustrated by Gertrude E. Espenscheid

We hope everyone out there had a lovely Christmas.

Now that the festivities are over, we can concentrate on the website launch.

We’ve spent the last few weeks tying up loose ends – we’re very happy with the site design and the database bit functions so smoothly even Justin can operate it! Thanks again to our web builder Mike and design company Sputnik.

The short delay in launching has given our army of knitters (all one of her!) some extra time to produce some great stuff for the shop.

We’re always very excited on our frequent trips to see Shirley, our amazing craft knitter and very own Granny Glittens. We share tea, home-made cakes and a natter. Anyone who’s not familiar with Granny Glittens, she’s to be found in The Tall Book of Christmas available at Amazon, a charming 1950s collection of children’s stories, one of which is entitled Granny Glittens and Her Amazing Mittens.

The Tall Book of Christmas Granny Glittens

Shirley’s always got a box of treats waiting for us to collect. We supply the wool, old buttons & vintage fabric sourced from charity shops, markets etc; she supplies the skill, time & love that go into making these wonderful goodies.

She hand knits, crochets & sews all kinds of things – from pan grabs to cushions – they combine beauty with functionality. Below we’ve got a sneak preview of some of the most recent things Granny Glittens has conjured up!

The website’s coming soon (promise!!)
Adelle & Justin

knitted collage
this week’s haul!

pan grabs
pan grabs- no more burnt fingers!

hot water bottles
hot water bottle covers

teapots galore!
collective noun for teapots?

Countdown to going live!

It’s been our long-held dream to have our own shop selling the kind of stuff we love. We’re both really into interior design and decoration- especially things that are vintage, quirky, unusual, handmade, one off…

We finally got round to doing something about it and it’s called H is for Home.

The last 12 months have been a combination of excitement and sheer hard work.

Nearly a decade of collecting meant there was the job of photographing and cataloguing of over a thousand items of stock, their safe storage and the movement of packed crates to all corners of our house. Tasks not made any easier with a large (and very nosy) Weimaraner under our feet.

We used to have 4 bedrooms, now we’re down to one. Any overnight guest now has to jostle for space with the boxes, brown paper & bubble wrap.

Finally there was the small matter of building a website. Thanks to Mike for his patience…we’re nearly there now… just a few more tweaks.

Our aim was to be ready sometime before Christmas – so we’d better get a move on!

If you’d like to be one of the first to know when we’ve gone live, join our mailing list here!

Here’s a taste of things to come!

tea and biscuit with book

antique spindle back chair and vintage West German vases

vintage salad bowl with servers

vintage German coffee set

vintage thermos flask

vintage 1950s apron