Forthcoming Attractions: late August 2011

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vintage "mini-max" first aid tin and vintage 1950s drinking glasses and chequered pot stand

Here’s a taster of the things we picked up recently.

For starters there’s a very nice wall mountable first aid tin – these are always popular – and this one has just the perfect amount of wear.

Moving onto tin number 2 ( with the ‘private detective’ decoration ). It’s called ‘The Inside Job’ and originally contained a decorating kit – paintbrush, sponges, paint scrapers, sanding sheets etc. Inside job – geddit?

group of vintage items including wooden bedside cabinet, blue Olympia "Splendid 99" typewriter, boxed Ronson "Escort 2000" hairdryer, vintage "mini-max" first aid tin, writing slate, blackboard on an easel, vintage 1950s drinking glasses and chequered pot stand

The 1950s wooden cabinet is a lovely little piece that we’ve put up for sale in Picture House Antiques.

vintage 1950s drinking glasses with hash decoration

Vintage drinking glasses like these are always sought after – especially when in perfect condition – and in complete sets.

These must have been put away in a cupboard about 50 years ago – to emerge, blinking into the daylight last week!

vintage blue Olympia "Splendid 99" typewriter with boxed Ronson "Escort 2000" hairdryer in the background

vintage blue Olympia "Splendid 99" typewriter

Although they’ve been superseded by modern technology, colourful typewriters like this have devoted fans. This Olympia model comes with its original leatherette carry case.

vintage boxed Ronson "Escort 2000" hairdryer

Another item that has more modern counterparts is this 1960s/70s hairdryer – and this one’s a mobile model!

It’s boxed & appears pretty much unused. It’s Mary Quant style print cap is fab!

vintage writing slate, blackboard on an easel, and bamboo walking cane

And finally – back to school with these chalkboards and teachers cane. The board on an easel would add a vintage touch to a nursery or child’s bedroom – the old writing slate is great for hanging in a kitchen and writing your shopping list/reminders.