Get their Look: Eclectic high-rise city apartment

Eclectic high-rise city apartment

Just look at that gorgeous view across London from this eclectic high-rise city apartment!

Even though you’d spend most of your time looking out of that window that spans almost the entire width of the room, there’s plenty to enjoy within the interior too.

It’s decorated with a seamless mix of vintage and new. The beautiful shiny wood of the floor is mirrored in the pair of sideboards and musical instruments. Despite the room being fairly narrow, the retro patterned op-art wallpaper on both walls works counter-intuitively, making it appear spacious.

I could well imagine myself sitting on that sofa, whiling away the day watching London life go by below.

  1. Hicks Hexagon wallpaper
  2. Globe ceiling lamp – clear
  3. Benedict Blue lampshade
  4. Boll clear round glass vase
  5. Spoke Edgings armchair
  6. Origami side table – glass/antique brass
  7. Pineapple sideboard

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How to introduce a taste of the exotic to your home

Eclectic bedroomcredit

Who doesn’t love travelling, seeing the world and learning about other cultures and customs? When you’ve arrived back home you may want to incorporate your exotic experiences into your home décor. Here are a few of our tips for doing just that.

Have faraway dreams

You may have returned home, back to your everyday lives, but you can always go to sleep and dream about your past adventures. Envelop yourself in beautiful, bohemian bedding like this duvet set pictured below from Vaulia.

Exotic duvet set available from Vaulia

Turn your bathroom into a tropical rainforest

The bathroom is where you go to wash away the stresses of the day and recharge your batteries. Fill the space with lush, architectural plants. Many exotic, tropical plants will thrive in a warm, damp bathroom environment – even where there’s little sunlight. Try growing ferns, orchids and small bamboos to create your own tropical rainforest.

Roll-top bath surrounded by tropical plantscredit

Wall to wall paradise

Wallpaper is a great way of updating the feel of a room. Bold, bright, sumptuous prints incorporating exotic birds, flowers, plants – and in this case – palm trees introduce an equatorial ambiance.

Palm tree print wallpapercredit

Map the world

We all have a wish list of places we’d like to visit before we die. Hang a large world map on your wall and stick pins into the countries & cities where you want to holiday. You could also attach snaps, postcards, ticket stubs and the like to the places you’ve already been as a reminder of past good times. We love the idea of this DIY project below where a string of fairy lights has been used to illuminate spots on a map where the maker has been.

DIY illuminated mapcredit


This massive mural of Vladimir Tretchikoff’s ‘Lady from the Orient’ creates a striking, eastern vibe. Such a stunning addition needs plenty of space around it in order to appreciate it to full effect. Keep furnishings in muted colours and accessories to a minimum.

Wayne Hemingway in front of a huge mural of Tretchikoff's Lady from the Orientcredit

Display souvenirs from your travels

When you’ve visited exciting and far-flung destinations, a way of of keeping the memories of your trip alive is to bring back souvenirs. Anything from vernacular furniture items to unique trinkets & handicrafts, beach-combed finds to pieces of locally-made jewellery. Blow up, print, frame and display your favourite holiday photos. Having them in out plain sight feeds your wanderlust – you’ll be planning that next journey in no time!

Ethnic furniture finds with blown up photograph of an African girl in traditional dresscredit


Get their look: Eclectic dining room

Eclectic dining room

We love absolutely everything about this eclectic dining room. Where do we start? The balanced mix of vintage and new. The soft grey walls. The shiny metallics introduced via the copper standard lamp and table lamp. The flashes of orange in that huge overhead glass pendant light. The colour of the moulded plastic Panton chairs which is cleverly picked up in the seat cushion on the Ercol armchair. The oversized Chinese Lady print. We’d gladly give it all house room chez H is for Home.

  1. Tom Dixon Base copper floor lamp
  2. Kartell ‘Cindy’ table lamp, orange
  3. ‘Chinese Girl’ print by Vladimir Tretchikoff
  4. Ruark R4 MK3 DAB/DAB+/FM/CD Bluetooth all-in-one music system
  5. Vintage extending teak dining table
  6. Ercol Goldsmith armchairs
  7. Verner Panton ‘S’ chair, green
  8. Anglepoise ‘1227’ mini desk lamp

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Get their look: Los Angeles living space

Los Angeles living spacecredit

As we look out onto a drizzly Pennine scene today, this bright Los Angeles living space looks like a wonderful place to be! It’s got quite a mid century modern vibe with separate zones for dining and lounging. Huge floor to ceiling windows let the California sunshine flood right in. There’s a background colour scheme of grey & blue-grey shades with brighter pops of colour throughout the space – including flowers, textiles and bike frame! What looks like a polished concrete floor is softened by an area rug and furry footstool. There’s ample storage & shelving along a long wall and, even though there are lots of books & decorative objects, it doesn’t look cluttered at all. It’s got a lovely spacious, open feel – you get the sense that there’s enough room to ride said bike around!

  1. Orla Kiely Giant Abacus cushion
  2. EKBY STÖDIS bracket, black
  3. White melamine board 1200 x 381 x 15mm
  4. Los Angeles neighbourhood map
  5. Modular corner sofa
  6. John Lewis Olson chair, Fraser Teal
  7. Timber end table by Gus Modern
  8. Wool pouf
  9. Safavieh Sherman grey area rug

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Get their look: Garden games room

Garden games roomcredit

The word ‘garden room’ generally conjures up a mental picture of a highfalutin’ shed. This garden games room is so far removed from that image.

I’d love this room at the bottom of our garden… it’s about the same size as our garden! I love everything about it. The expansive run of folding doors out onto a patio. The huge vintage Chesterfield sofa for stretching out and reading in lovely natural light – or watching a film on that massive television. The vintage teak sideboard and record cabinet… probably holding an eclectic collection of LPs. The cute little wood-burning stove for those evenings when there’s a nip in the air.

This is a room where every member of the family, whether aged 4 or 94, would enjoy spending time!

  1. GLADSAXX frame, black
  2. Knitted pouffe, natural
  3. 65″ Curved 3D Ultra HD Smart TV
  4. Songs Playbar home cinema sound bar
  5. Vesta V8 Woodburning Stove
  6. 4-seater Chesterfield sofa
  7. Art Deco armchairs
  8. Orla Kiely nest of side tables
  9. Vintage teak record cabinet
  10. Vintage teak sideboard

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Get their look: Eclectic kitchen shelving

'Get their look' blog post banner

eclectic kitchen shelvingcredit

It’s a brand new year, so we thought we’d start a new blog series. Welcome to our first ‘Get their look‘ post. A fairly self-explanatory title, each week we’ll feature an image of an interior that has caught our eye and we’ll show you how and where to copy the style.

To kick off, we’re sharing this eclectic counter-top and kitchen shelving. They contain both practical and decorative items – many of which tick both these boxes.

stainless steel shelves contents

  1. White wall light
  2. Digital radio
  3. Cathrineholm fondue set
  4. Stainless steel shelves
  5. Glass storage jars
  6. Scheurich fat lava vase
  7. Breville Cafe Roma ESP8XL espresso machine