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Another valet

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

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vintage valet stand with suit jacket, cuff links and watch

In a blog post almost 3 years ago we featured a gentlemen’s valet stand. It sold quickly and you wouldn’t believe the number of enquiries we’ve had subsequently asking if it was still available to buy!

vintage valet stand

Since then, we’ve kept our eyes open for good-quality, vintage stands. This example, picked up last week, really fits the bill.

detail from vintage valet stand showing the Brevettato label

It was produced by Brevettato of Italy in the 1960s.

vintage valet stand with suit

The wood looks to be teak and it has clean, mid century modern styling.

detail from vintage valet stand showing vintage 'A' cufflinks, Smiths watch and tie

In addition to the main hanging racks for jacket & trousers, there are also nice touches such as the shelf for wallet, loose change, cuff links, watches, keys etc.

detail from vintage valet stand showing vintage Smiths watch

Also charming, extendible finials – which can be used for hanging watches, bracelets or ties. To the base is a simple shoe rack.

detail from vintage valet stand showing vintage brown leather brogues

The whole piece stands on lovely, little castors for ease of movement around the room. Perfect!

What a spectacle!

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

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collection of vintage 1950s spectacle frames

We picked up an interesting little ‘job lot’ last week – vintage spectacles, which is a new one for us.

pair of vintage brown 1950s spectacle frames

They’re unused frames – still with original opticians labels from AJH Blackham, Drake Street, Rochdale – ready to fit your lenses of choice.

pair of vintage green 1950s spectacle frames

They date from the very late 40s/early 50s and have distinctive styling from the period. They must have been the latest thing when they were put on display.

vintage clear 1950s spectacle frames with pink rose motif

We’ll put them in our webshop soon – or perhaps our eBay shop might be the best place to sell them. Get in touch if you’re a big vintage fashion fan and are interested in these. It’s not everyday that unused, vintage accessories turn up so we’d like to give our regular readers first dibs.

Gimme Five! Clutch bags

Friday, November 15th, 2013

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selection of 5 ladies' clutch bags

Maybe because it’s my birthday in less than a fortnight, but recently I’m finding my head being turned by cute clutch bags 😉

Yes, I’ve already got lots of bags – but I could always find a little space for one of these. The most expensive example is 100 times more expensive than the cheapest, can you guess which is which? No peeking at the answers!

  1. Oversize vegan leather envelope clutch – rose pink – £6.44 Etsy
  2. Day to evening leather clutch by E&S Elves & Shoemakers – £125, Notonthehighstreet
  3. Metallic clutch – £25, River Island
  4. Sarah oversized envelope clutch bag , yellow – £39, John Lewis
  5. Mulberry Clemmie glossy goat leather clutch – £695, Selfridges

Tuesday Huesday: Coloured Tights

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

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collection of coloured tights available at UK Tights
Oroblu All Colours 50 Slide Touch Opaque Tights, UK Tights

I love pairing a pair of brightly coloured tights with a 60s shift dress or denim skirt. Trinny & Susannah once said on their “What not to Wear” TV programme that bright colours should never be worn with black. I completely disagree! The ladies in this photo remind me of the line up in Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” video.

There’s a huge range of brightly coloured tights available at UK Tights – best get stocking up for when the colder weather makes its reappearance!

green dotted horizontal line

Tuesday Huesday: Sagittarius Astrology Pouch

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

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Sagittarius Astrology Pouch on the French Bull website
Sagittarius Astrology Pouch: $70, French Bull

 What’s your sign? I’m not a big believer in horoscopes (I’m Sagittarius by the way) but I do love some of the art, symbols and illustrations that are inspired by them. In fact, I’ve started a little Pinterest board with ones that I’d gladly give house room!

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