Price Points: Quiet fireworks

Selection of quiet fireworks | H is for Home

Like bubbly and Auld Lang Syne, fireworks are synonymous with New Year’s Eve. However, it’s a night to which many people don’t look forward. Lots of pets get very distressed at the loud bangs & explosions. Not to mention, the parents trying to get their young children to sleep!

There’s such a thing as quiet fireworks that fizz, spark and cascade with pretty colours – they just do so quietly! If you’re planning on having a few friends around on the 31st and letting off a few firecrackers outdoors, your neighbours will thank you for choosing any of the selections above.

  1. Orion selection box: £7.56, Epic Fireworks
  2. Spellbound selection box: £14.99, Jordans Fireworks
  3. Champagne Rain – 61-shot barrage: £87.99, Fantastic Fireworks

Etsy List: Fireworks

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'Fireworks' Etsy List curated by H is for Home

It’s a busy week for celebration – Halloween has just departed and in three days time it will be Bonfire Night. These autumnal feasts are exciting & atmospheric… and feature all kinds of distinctive food, drink, decorations, costumes, fire crackers and sparklers. Outdoor fun for kids – big & small.

Remember, remember the 5th of November – here’s our Etsy selection!

Curated by H is for Home

Gimme Five! Things for Bonfire Night

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Five things for Bonfire Night | H is for Home

Tonight is Halloween, but next week is a celebration that’s a lot more home-grown – Bonfire Night. We prefer Bonfire Night to Halloween; the history, the spectacle of the fireworks, the comfort food like black peas (a Lancashire tradition), parkin and bonfire toffee.

When last have you seen a group of kids asking for, “A penny for the Guy?”? Perhaps it’s not as economically viable an option as “Trick or treat?” has become! 🙂

  1. Small gold indoor sparklers – tube of 10: £3, Paperchase
  2. B is for Bonfire alphabet silkscreen print by Sarah Young: £19, Notonthehighstreet
  3. Bonfire kit: £60, Garden Trading
  4. 1950s print of children & penny Guy: £15, Etsy
  5. Original cinder toffee: £8.50 Fortnum & Mason

Tuesday Huesday: Independence Day festivities

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Israel independence commemorative stamp from 1967 showing firework display


OK, I confess, I was a nerdy child that collected stamps (I consider Justin to be worse, he was a coin collector and they’re not nearly as colourful & beautiful as this!). They’re still packed away in a box in the loft somewhere.

This is one in a series of postage stamps from 1966, commemorating Yom Ha’atzmaut, the declaration of independence of Israel.

Thanks to Karen Horton for allowing us to use her image.

F is for… Fireworks

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Vintage Brock's Fireworks poster illustration | H is for Home

We bought this vintage advertising poster some time ago and put it away…

vintage framed Brock's Fireworks illustrated poster

…it’s now returned from the local framers and we’re very pleased with the result.

detail of vintage Brock's fireworks poster illustration

The poster is for Brock’s Fireworks and dates from the 1950s/60s – it would have been on display in a toy shop or newsagents.

detail of vintage Brock's Fireworks poster designed by D. Nockles

The artist is D. Nockels and we love his illustration.

detail of vintage Brock's Fireworks poster

We’ll be adding the poster to the Child’s Play section of our shop sometime this week. We’re currently in the process of sorting & framing various vintage artworks that we’ve gathered over recent years – some of the other items include travel posters, film memorabilia etc, so watch this space!