A short pause in posting

We’ve had a pretty eventful Christmas.

We’re based in Todmorden, which some of you will know was one of the places that suffered from flooding on Boxing Day.

Unfortunately, we were among those that were affected.

Because of this we’re taking a short hiatus from our blogging duties – we’ll be back with an exciting new competition on 1st January 2015.

Wednesday Wish: Leather Chesterfield

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view of our sitting room showing our now flood dameged leather sofa

We’ve blogged a couple of times in the past fortnight about our flood. One of the water damaged casualties was our leather sofa. The current seating arrangements in our sitting room are a bit sparse, consisting of the circular wicker chair pictured and a vintage Ercol rocking chair we bought at auction recently.

The building work hasn’t even started yet, so we’re weeks away from being able to buy new things for the house – but we’re already dreaming of lying on a comfy sofa in front of the fire or TV.

By way of  a replacement, we’ve got two options in mind. We might go for a Danish mid century modern style sofa similar in look to the one we’ve lost – long & low with simple lines.

Heaton Leather Chesterfield sofa from the Chesterfield Company, Manchester
3-seater Heaton Leather Chesterfield, from £810.00 – The Chesterfield Company

We also love antique leather Chesterfields, particularly beautifully aged ones with that rich chestnut colour. These are hard to find and can be very expensive. We’ve just been checking out some of the new models on offer. The one above would be welcome – we’ll just have to age it ourselves!!

Wednesday Wish: Getting back to normal!

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Our sitting room the day after the flooding

This week’s Wednesday Wish has to be for a nice clean house – free from flood water, mud and mess!

Our sitting room the morning after the flooding still with almost a foot of water

We’re still recovering from the devastating floods which affected the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire.

Our sitting room the morning after the flooding still with almost a foot of water

We can’t wait to get on with straightening things out, but we’re currently in that awful limbo where insurers & loss adjusters question, examine, poke & probe. It feels like not much is going on. Builders are awaiting approval to start remedial works which is frustrating. There’s no washing machine, cooker or comfy sofa. And of course, with everything piled up in the bedrooms, we can’t find a thing!!

The flood water entered our freezer The flood water entered our floor-standing kitchen cabinets and filled up a deep fat fryer that we stored in there

But we have to try & stay positive.

Mop, bucket and cleaning materials in the downstairs cloakroom the morning after the flooding

We actually managed to save so much stuff – anything that time or size allowed – lots of books, records, textiles, small pieces of furniture, items of sentimental value – and of course our beloved Fudge!

Hopefully kitchen units and appliances will be replaced by the insurers without to much argument.

Our back garden the morning after the flooding still with almost a foot of water

The flooring might be a big job – and as for the garden, well – we won’t be winning a Chelsea Flower Show Gold medal this year.

But things will get sorted out over time. We’ll post a few updates in the coming months, but we promise not to go on about it too much!! Hopefully, we’ll have some interesting before & after shots to share. We might even ask for some second opinions about potential replacement items.

We have to say thanks for all your kind words and well wishes over the past few days. We’ve experienced many examples of the best side of human nature recently.

The Flood!

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A 1950s G Plan sideboard in our sitting room with flood water surrounding it

Have you noticed that we’ve been a little scarce on the blog and social media front since last week?

a flooded corner of our sitting room

Well the reason behind it is that we were one of the flood victims in the Calder River Valley on Friday night.

antique chest in our sitting room with flood water surrounding it

A metre of water lapped at our front & back door and it was soon apparent that we wouldn’t be able to stop it coming inside – it quickly came up through the floorboards to a height of about a foot and a half. We managed to save a lot of our things by putting them on our big kitchen table or taking them upstairs but alas, bigger items of furniture, kitchen cupboards and appliances have been ruined. And there’s now an awful lot of cleaning up to do – there’s a layer of mud on every horizontal surface!

Any further blog posts will be postponed until we get everything sorted out and back to normal. We’ll just leave you with a little clip of video we took on our mobile phone out of a top floor window after we’d retreated to higher ground:

The river and street become one!