Get their look: Vibrant patio garden

Pink vibrant patio gardencredit

This vibrant patio garden may be pink, but don’t think it’s all girlie – there’s a fabulous BBQ installed which would please the most manly of grill masters!

The design makes great use of limited space with numerous spots to sit and separate cooking and dining areas. Again, space is used to the maximum by incorporating the vertical in the planting scheme.

To complete the look, the garden is almost completely white-washed to expand and bounce light around the enclosure. The pink of the seating is picked up in the choice of flowering plants.

  1. Handmade patchwork cushion
  2. Pink floral print cushion cover
  3. The Original Chaise indoor/outdoor beanbag
  4. Gardman Hampton candle lanterns (55cm tall)
  5. Napoleon LE 485 BBQ with side burner
  6. Re-Trouvé outdoor chair by Patricia Urquiola
  7. Re-Trouvé outdoor dining table by Patricia Urquiola

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The Best Patio Accessories

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set of rattan outdoor furniture with orange cushion covers

So you’ve cleaned up your patio, touched up the landscaping, and set up your new outdoor furniture, but something is still missing. Just like your indoor living spaces, your outdoor living space needs some patio accessories to pull everything together and bring your own personal taste to the area. Patio accessories allow your indoor spaces to flow naturally into your outdoor living space. They can also serve as organisational and functional aids.

cream garden lounger orange garden lounger green garden lounger

Sofa and chair cushions are a must-have for patio furniture, but you don’t have to stop the colour train there. Using weather-resistant throw pillows, simple centrepieces and other accessories can add a splash of colour that complements your outdoor furniture and your yard as a whole. Finding ways to incorporate colour into your outdoor living space makes your patio seem more like an extension of your home and invites family and guests to make good use of the space.

rattan patio planters rattan patio planters

Little touches can make a big difference in terms of style when accessorising your patio. Accessories turn the patio from a rough outdoor slab to a finished, inviting living space. Selecting potted plants that complement your existing landscape bring nature right up into your living space while giving the area a more intimate feeling. Lighting, water or fire features, and an outdoor bar can all add to the ambiance and style of your patio.

large patio umbrella rattan deck box

Many patio accessories can serve a dual purpose of style and functionality. Umbrellas and sail shades can be used to add colour and shield your patio from the elements. Storage benches and boxes can be used as extra seating and are a good place to keep your pillows and cushions tucked away when not in use. Potted plants and water features not only brighten up the space, they help to keep the area cooler on a hot day.

set of four rattan club chairs pair of rattan chairs stacked into a sphere

Your patio doesn’t have to be a strictly functional space just because it’s located outdoors. You can turn your patio into an attractive outdoor living space that matches the rest of your home in style and taste. Patio accessories are the key to bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces and making your patio feel more like part of your home. Patio accessories can be used to define your patio space as a sophisticated visiting spot, a relaxing getaway, or both because of their versatility and endless options.


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